Atwood 9/21

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  1. Fished 9/21 with Seanb19 from about 4:30 to 10...Pretty slow, but ended up with 3 eyes, 3 gills, and couple white bass...The eyes were around 11-13 inches...Not too bad, but still on the small side...Hopefully they'll start aggressively feeding soon!!!

    Hit my catfish honey hole for a short while and NOTHING!!! Couldn't believe it! That was the first time that spot has not produced anything...They must be mad at me since I've not been out too much lately!! But that's certainly gonna change!
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    About that cat fishing hole. There's something i need to tell ya . No I'm joking .Did hit it last time out for 30min with the same results. Not knowing much about cats my bet is that they moved out last week with the cooler temps.That hole has produced you some nice cats this summer Leaving for Atwood right now Gotta get me some eyes .

  3. haha that's funny Mirro!! Although, I wish you did have something to tell me cuz then I'd at least know the spot produces still!! :)