atwood 7/29 accident

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    Anyone hear about a diving accident at Atwood Lake sunday night ???
  2. I heard that it was a guy who dove off of his boat in the boat swim area and broke his neck. I also heard that he died during the life flight to the hospital. I believe he was from our cottage area of Sunset Valley, but don't have a name as yet.

    I've been emailing some friends who live down there all year and getting pieces of info as they learn them. Probably in the newspaper by now. I wonder if Eric at East Marina knows more. I put a message on his site a short time ago.

  3. He must not have been someone who knew the lake as we all know you can wade across most of that area.
  4. I saw the article in the canton rep today online...I would agree with Star in that the person must not have been familiar with the lake, as I think its pretty common knowledge that the area over there is very shallow especially where the 2 islands come together...
  5. Why do they need to do an autopsy? Guy dove in hit his head probably broke his neck and died or skull fracture and died, take x-rays. Only thing I think they may want to know would be an blood alchol count, so take some blood.
  6. No real surprise, but alcohol was definitely involved. How much is TBD. The autopsy is required by getting around that one.

    The front of the boat was beached and the guy dove off the side of the boat into 18" of water, head first! I feel bad for the guy's family, but come're talking Darwin Award material here.
  7. That is sad, I feel for his family. It does amaze me that someone would dive into unknown waters. I have done the opposite there however, thought I was in shallow water and jumped off the pontoon and disappeared.
  8. RIP. Feel for his family and friends.

    Most of us have done stupid things in life.
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    Our local news crew {} went with the Chief Ranger and they showed the area.. dogs walkin in the water and chairs sitting only 1 inch deep.
    Just dont make sense.... Tragedys never do I guess.

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    2 guys did that on kelly's island back in the late 80's. jump of the casino dock in 2 fow i died and the other was paralyzed for life.they didn't want to walk to their boat around the dock.
  11. I hope the guy didn't rent the boat along with a cottage as that is against MSCD policy. Our docking association had a long and heated debate about that a few years ago. It was hard to convince some people that MWCD owned the lake and could make the rules.