atwood 7/28

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    Wish i had a good report , besides being on the water for a few hours .Fished from 3:00p to 5:30 not the best hours.Only caught three dinks and a handful of small gills .Did meet three different guys/boats that spottted my ogf shirt.They all talked about the site ,but none of them have ever posted. COME ON GUYS join up and lets hear some good news about Atwood or any other lake that you may wet your line.

    To the guy i met at the ramp with the two young boys. I seen you all getting your net wet. Lets hear about it .
  2. sounds like another bummer of a day! Well, at least you were able to get out...You going this week at all? I was thinking about heading down there today or tomorrow...?

  3. I tried trolling Atwood for a couple of hours on Saturday with about the same results (couple of hammer handles and that was about it). I was using the leadcore on this trip, which I am not very adept with yet. Normally when I bang the bottom with a big crank on either mono or Fireline it stays pretty clean, but this time I kept picking up all sorts of leaves and other crap.

    I think a string of sunny days this week will turn the eyes back on. Or drive them back to the spots I tend to catch them on those sunny days.
  4. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I need to stay close to home Monday .Wife and kids just got back from Cinny .No explaination needed for that. I did enjoy the weekend on the water though . Tuesday evening looks great for me 4:ish

    What are you floating on ? Stop by and say hey. I'm in a red Alumacraft 50hp with a 6hp kicker. Need to change my name to Alumacraft mike . Sold the mirrocraft last year
  5. I hear ya Mirro!! No explanation needed there!! Tuesday - Friday is bad for me too, so beyond tonight, I won't be doing any fishing till the weekend...hopefully I'll be able to get out this weekend...

    Actually decided now to go to the quarry tonight...need to get some fish on the line!! I know we'll do well there!!
  6. Mike...sent you a PM. Between my father-in-law and I we currently have seven boats registered, so it can vary a bit.