atwood 7/19 alive and well

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    Weather held off . No thunder/lighting or down pours just that steady off and on rain .Hit the water by 4:15p .Seen a beautiful rainbow appeared to be coming straight from the lake .Wind (west to east ) was perfect for drifting my(everyones) favorite piont .First drift DOUBLE on Two small gills :eek: Second run three small gills :mad: Moved out a little and it was on .First eye was a 15in then two at 18in followed by six more at 15in throw in a few cats, white bass ,and perch made this trip a good one. Wacthed another boat net a fat 21in . At 6:15 all fish got lock jaw . Fish for a hour NOTTA a bite .Where are those gills now :confused: Had the boat on the trailer just before a down pour Nothing like getting off the water JIT style JUST IN TIME Thank you fish for not biting one more eye and i would have been soaked . My six horse kicker just don't cut it
  2. Sounds like you had a good night!! Where were you??? We got a late start as we were trying to figure out what the weather was going to do...Got on the water at about 6:30 and the bite was slow...Nothing at first spot...Second spot was hot for bites but not many hook buddy caught 1 15" eye, and a couple of dink channel cats...I had 1 nice hook up but it snapped my line...Not sure what it was, but its got a nice jig stuck in its mouth!! Beautiful night on the water...Just a light sprinkle on our way out then sunny and nice until about 9:15...downpour just as we pulled into the dock!!

    Sorry I missed you out there Mirro!! I can't believe we didn't cross paths as there was nobody on the water!! Oh well...Maybe we can hook up next week...

    what were the eyes hitting on for you?

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    Wickford hard to believe we missed each other . No trialers at the east marina and only two at the dam ramp. Seen two boats and there were hitting the same area as I . Mainly fished (2hrs) the west end piont then moved to the beach .My clock is off a little as i was on the water by 3;30 and first time check 7:30 was when i was trailer and ready to leave .Are you saying you didn't get that down pour at 7:30 ?? Where were you at that time ? Eyes were hitting on the Jig/worm .I motored back on the other side but kept a eye out for you . Glad to hear you all got a eye keep at them
  4. at about 7:30 we were at the beach area, and the shore line across from there...No downpour at all!! It sprinkled a little on our way out which was probably around 6:20 or 6:30. Then we hit a downpour as we were heading in to the dock at around 9:30...That was it...!

    Strange that it was pouring where you were loading up!! Did you launch at the dam, or east marina?
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    I was at the dam end ramp . Then driving back it ended by the time i hit the main road ,but i could look out onto the water and still see the rain .Strange evening i had on my rain gear a 1/2 dozen times, Just little breaks in the clouds kept me going .