Atwood 6/24

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  1. Fished Atwood last night from about 6pm-9pm. Beautiful night to be on the water. Got lots of bites but only a couple of hook ups...Must have been a little slow on the draw as I've not been out much this year.

    First one was lost at the boat. Either a small cat, or small saugeye, couldn't see the whole fish, only the underside as he threw the hook and swam away, but it was small. Second was my biggest saugeye so far. A very nice fat 16 incher!! Would have made a couple of really nice sandwiches, but I threw him back to catch another day...
  2. Congratulations!!!!!

  3. What were you using for bait, I have never fished for saugers.
  4. Saugeye fishing has been a little rough for me down there this year. I've taken home about 8 this year so far all over 15" and biggest was a little over 20". Also have caught atleast 20 dinks. I got into a school of white bass last week down there - got about 50 of them in half an hour. All were released - Biggest being around 15". They are a good fight on an ultra light. Im fishing leesville this weekend so i don't think i'll make it down.

  5. I was using a 1/16 oz jig tipped with half a crawler. Seems to be the best method for me there...Not had much luck with anything else for them elusive eyes!!

    Although, its nice to hear that someone has at least caught some fish of decent size!! Maybe they're getting bigger...I sure hope so. It gets to be a bummer pulling in 12-13 inch eyes when you're looking for some dinner!! ;)
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    Wickford we need to hook up soon >Only been to Atwood three times this yr, Latest being back in April ... Should have some time this week for a afternoon run .. Whats your week looking like .This is usally my prime time for those eyes... Glad to hear you are hooking a few .With the white bass boiling the top of the water those eyes are not far off..
  7. Hey Mirro, glad to see you're still out there!!

    Was getting worried about you as I've not seen any posts from you for a couple of months!! Thought maybe you gave up fishing!! :eek:

    I was planning heading down on Thursday...PM me and we can see if we can work something out...If you don't want to haul your boat, we can use mine...
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    No i didn't give up fishing ..Went to Canada twice this year kind of put the achor out on local fishing ... Just got back this past Saturday from the second trip...Thursday sounds good !!! I got the wifes blessing to go ..I mean I TOLD the wife i was going;) (cough cough )

    Sould be on the water by 5:30 pm at the lastest.. Got a weather report ?? A big rain strom has got to be near by

    Thanks for the invite on your boat But I;ll be bringing mine..i Think my buddy Scott is going also. Besides My five horse is racing to get out...What a tank my boat is with that..
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    Spoke to soon about that weather ..Right after hitting send i walk outside and it was getting dark ..Started pouring...LOL ... After today the rest of the week is looking good Thursday a GO... I'll be starting out on the point