Atwood 6/20/07

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  1. Fished the Atwood evening bass tourny. We caught 9 bass, of which only one cleared 12". 4 or 5 of them were 11 1/2". We also caught a few decent Saugeye, one went 3lbs. I also caught a 12 1/2 lb. catfish on a crankbait. That kind of made the night better, considering the bass bite. 8 1/2 lbs. won the tourney and the big fish was only 2lb.12oz.
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    Catfish on a crank bait . Bet that got your blood flowing for a split second .Been hearing the bass bite is on the small side this year . Lots o fish just little. All in all sounded like a good night .Could of been stuck at home like me . ZERO fish

  3. Sounds like a good night to me too!!

    I think we're gonna try and find some bass the next time out, although from most of the posts and reports I've seen, the bite isn't all that good...I'll bet that cat was a blast!! Sounds like they may be heating up too...Guess I'll have to be planning a night outing soon...