Atwood 5/2

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    Hit Atwood Friday, got on the water at 4:30p fished until i seen the storm coming my way 6:30. Targeting eyes Caught a few crappies no size, and a white bass.. Talked to three other boats on the water. One 15in between all of them. So far my Atwood pride is still intact:) When packing up the boat two guys came in. They had 7 two 22's and the rest between 15/18. They caught them all trolling. Didn't give up much more than that. The whole drive home i was ticked off .Not Really ,but you all know what im' saying. If they caught them...Why can't I ?? They did say they were there since early mornig. YEAH THATS IT !!! They had to catch them around 6am .Now i feel better :p

    Mental note : I did notice the males were still doing there business. (milking)
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    ive been to atwood a couple time so far and nothing i dont know if the flooding has everything screwed up or just the cold front anything that could help out a hungry guy would be great
    Boat is running great though

  3. Next weekend I may have to head down there and show you guys how to catch some saugeye. :p

    P.S. If anyone hears any real loud explosions or sees water flying 30 feet in the air down by the east end it's just me trying out my new lure. :D
  4. BigDaddy300

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    Would that new lure be the "DuPont Fly"?
  5. mirrocraft mike

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    My guess is...... Its a lure from the BOMBER bait collection:p