Atwood 4/27

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  1. Well, hit atwood today for the first time this year, and was not disappointed...same old atwood...NOTHING Biting!! :confused:

    3 of us fished from about 11:30-3 and ended up with 2 small bluegill, and 1 small crappie between us...I keep reading these great posts about Berlin and Mosquito and I'm wondering if I need to move my boat!! :p Oh well, hopefully they'll start biting soon...Did mark a TON of fish all over the place near the east marina...just couldn't find the hungry ones...Need to get me a depth finder that tells which fish are hungry!! Water temp was around 65...

    All in all though it was nice to get back on the water...Guess I'll just have to keep reading these posts of the bigger lakes and dream of the day...:)
  2. Atwood sure is a tough lake to learn. We sold our cottage and now live on a smaller 150 acre private lake that is supposed to be excellent fishing? Guess what? Had a couple of dymamite fishing days and then they quit. I haven't heard of consistant catching anywhere so don't get discouraged.

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    Glad to hear you and the boat are on the water. I got a good feeling about Atwood this year. Hang in there .It seems to be a slow starter (for me) every year compared to all the other lakes. Not sure to why that is :confused:

    Sorry we never got he chance to meet before you sold your place.
  4. Howdy Star...Good to see you've resurfaced!! Also sorry we never got to meet before you sold you cottage...I really was interested in that cottage, but it just wasn't the right time for us...You had a really nice place, and I knew it wouldn't last long!!

    Hopefully, you'll still get down to Atwood and perhaps we can meet yet someday...

    Mike, I hear ya...very slow starter, but hopefully when things heat up they get super hot!! we'll see...I'm not giving up, just wish Atwood was producing like some of the other lakes I read about each day!!
  5. Yeah, the cottage went fast and they are adding to it now.

    Maybe once the fishing heats up here a couple of you can come over and help catch a few.
  6. Hang in there Wickford. There are plenty of saugeye and crappie in Atwood to be caught. That lake humiliates me and the rest of us too, but then I'll have a period where I'm slamming them. I think Mirrorcraft/Alumacraft Mike can attest to what I'm talking about. :p After this cold front moves through I would think the bite should start to pick up down there. Water temps are high down there especially in the back bays. Typically now is the time for the shallow saugeye bite but they may also be down a bit deeper with these temps. and depending on time of day and where the bait is. Keep hitting the rocky shorelines and sandy points in 2-10 FOW down around and in front of the East marina is a good spot and don't forget to hit the humps close to cemetary bay. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  7. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I AGREE with that ( all eyes )statement. Heck Atwood could be the opposite Cold front comes in Eyes turn on :confused: EYES is right Hitting the east end early in the year is the way to go .Water is warmer down that way. Maybe you shouldn't take my advise I haven't caught a keeper this year at Atwood:( I've only went once but still fished it hard.

    I do know we all need to get together down there this year. With all the throw backs from last year. There's got to be some nice fish caught this year.

    Maybe i can help make "all eyes " Atwood famous and catch a hog with one of his homemade spoons:) No kidding those are some very nice spoons you made.
  8. LOL! The only thing my spoons might do is further solidify the Hopkins spoons as eye catchers since they are a knock off of the shorties and no=equals that people have been using since the turn of the century. I got tired of losing $4.00 spoons all the time trying to learn how to fish shallow with them. They're easy enough to vertical fish in deeper water but casting the shallows is another story.I'm much better now than a couple of years ago. So far since last Nov. I have caught walleye, saugeye, white bass, and a shad with them. That's not counting the few snagged panfish that have got in their way. I plan on doing some deeper jigging with them when the eyes move into their summer patterns but right now I'm mostly using live bait with small jigs. See you on the water Mike!