Atwood 11/10

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  1. Hit Atwood this evening from around 4-7 pm. Mainly went to try out some new jigging spoons I made. Couldn't get the eyes to hit them, but couldn't keep the white bass off of them! A couple were some of the biggest white bass I have ever seen. The spoons I made are very similar to Hopkins No Equal spoons in brass. Some hammered, some brushed. I was suprized how well they turned out. I've never attempted making any before but always thought about it. They are real close to 1/2 ounce and flutter real nice. Made from flattened brass tube stock filled with lead and filed to shape. I tried shaping them a bit more like a fish than the Hopkins, but they are very close. Also made some copper ones. I've made about 10 so far and if they catch me some eyes, I'm gonna make me up a bunch more. Going to try again tomorrow (Sat.) in the am. Hopefully I'll spoon or Vibee me up some dinner.
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    Betcha Cory would like to get his hands on a few of those copper ones.
    Post a pic if you can.

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    Sounds like they'd be good at the river (Ohio) too! I make my own for use there. Use spoons down there alot....didn't need 'em today though. Lots of sauger and walleye caught on 3 inch Mr Twisters!
    (Don't know why the mister above turned out green and underlined?)
  4. Well, I at least have proof that my spoons catch saugeye too. :)
    I was picking up some little guys vertical jigging in 18 ft. Nothing to write home about but it's nice to know they are capable. I took some pics of the spoons I made but can't find the cord that hooks to the puter. As soon as it shows up I will post some. The white bass weren't too bad today. They were ticking me off Friday.
  5. I posted pics of some of the spoons I made in my photo gallery if anyone wants to see them. The one photo shows a 1/2 oz. Hopkins No Equal next to mine for comparison. I've made quite a few which are very close to the Hopkins, and others that have some different shapes and finishes. I've even made some rattle versions. I'm sick of losing $4.00 spoons. :)
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    I like the blood red hooks. We need to get together next spring and throw a few of those bad boys around .
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    I like those. I use Hopkins a good bit, and they look just like them. A bit curious how ya made them, but that's another story...............
  8. Okay Mike. It's pretty easy to talk me into going fishing. I will be taking vacation in the spring to do some eye bustin. Hopefully I'll get a few nice ones before the lake freezes.