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  1. I`am looking to put a reese type hitch on my honda foreman so I can mount a hitch haul into the reciever off the back,anyone have any recommedations on a hitch? I see some only have one bolt that attaches the to the standard hitch already on the atv and an other type the requires the removal of the standard hitch in order to mount it,I have a hard time believeing the hitch mounted with only one bolt will hold without moving from side to side which would lead to problems in my opinion.

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  3. wow now thats a sweet looking setup,a custom fabricating job I`am assuming?
  4. yes I built it ..I had the same Idea as you but, the hitch haul seemed to wide for me and just mounted to the hitch it was to much leverage so I built this one,,and attached it to both the hitch and frame...I also had to put a exhaust pipe extension and mud keep the crap off what ever I was hauling
  5. how much I materials do you have in it? I have though about going that route, just have to buy a welder and touch up on welding skills, I happen to work for Lincoln electric and can get employee discounts on welders ect.I think I would make mine a little bigger, not width wise but a little longer for use around the barn hauling muck buckets ect.

  6. about $10,, I have a scrap yard close that gets a lot of drops from fab shops ,,if you get a welder get a AC / DC or DC ,,DC will make you a better welder,,,