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attwood today ,

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bountyhunter, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. well I got my new wireless motorguide mounted so I took the grandkids to attwood , arived at the dam ramp just as it poured down rain ,watched two boats pull in soaked to the skin. we watched, kept raining so we came home . some day some body has to prove to me theres eyes in that lake.


    i second that one but on sunday me and a buddy of mine fished leesville and now i know there are eyes in there. because my buddy caught one on a chart. jig

  3. I can assure you there are eyes in Atwood. They just have lock jaw 6 days a week, and the day they don't have lock jaw is a moving target!! :D

    We've caught a few this year, and I've seen a bunch more caught by others in boats nearby...For some reason they're are just extremely difficult to put a pattern on there!! Oh well...I know I'll keep tryin'!!:)
  4. i live 10 min. from atwood and have only been there 3-4 times in the past 3 years!!! hard to find an eye there!!!
  5. Just remember these are saugeyes and not walleyes. Most of us have the bad habit of fishing for them like walleyes. The #1 rule is that if you're not in the bottom 6" or so of water, don't bother. Big crankbaits, high trolling speeds and enough line out to constantly bang the bottom. Don't be afraid of trolling shallow and deep water and you will find the fish. Fair warning though: don't use any crankbaits you don't want to lose!

    I believe that saugeyes take more physical attributes from the walleye, but more behavioral attributes from the sauger. Unfortunately there is little info out there about saugers.

    I recently added a Motorguide Wireless to my boat as well. So far so good, but I find it easiest to set the motor dead straight and steer the boat (while trolling) with my main motor (turned off but acting like a rudder).

    All that said, Atwood will drive a guy to tears. Fish are on one day and MIA the next. But the sizes are getting better.