ATTN: Toyota Tacoma owners

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    Thought I'd give a little heads up here.
    C&P'd from Iboats...

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    Here's a fact I bet no one out there knows. 30 parts for the Tacoma frame are stamped right in Akron. Hamlin Steel Products has been shipping three truckloads a week since 2003 to Stockton California where the frames are built. The frames are welded and coated the sent by truck to the NUMMI plant in Fremont California. NUMMI is an assembly plant that is a partnership between Toyota and General Motors.

    ..........and now you know.

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    Nothing seems to amaze me anymore!
  4. Thanks for posting that. I must have read your post just after you submitted it. A guy from work has a '99 that has a rusted frame. In December he paid someone $600 to weld a brace onto the frame so I called him as soon as I read it.

    He took it into a dealership last evening to have it looked at. They (Toyota) are going to write him a check for $15,000. Thats right, no type-o $15k. They are giving 1.5x the excellent bluebook value in the form of a check from Toyota. However, if you decide to buy another used Toyota vehicle, they will give you an extra $500. If you buy a new one they will give you an extra $1000. To top it off, they will give you a rental car at no charge until you find another vehicle. (Not sure if that was just a perk from this particular dealership or not)

    Since he paid $18k for it used in 2000, he was tickled pink. As of yesterday it had 130,000 miles on it and other than routine maintenance (and the frame) he has never had to put a dime into it. I just bought my first Toyota (08 Tacoma) with hopes that it will last 250k+. Although this has worked out good for my buddy, I hope that I don't have this problem with mine.
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    Buckeyeguy, they really took care of your buddy. I hope in 5 years my 07 Tundra has a problem like that. I could use the money:eek: