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ATTN: Maumee Bay Guys/Gals

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrm123, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Took a drive out there and saw signs in the back pond area, the weedy one by the tall walking hill. The park has stocked grass carp in this pond to take care of the weed problem. Sign states to release imediately to provide a better quality of fishing in this pond. Good News. I've been fishing this pond for yrs and this yr was the first time its had a BIG weed problem, this yr I've fished it only a few times very tricking in that thick s!@#.
  2. good to hear, i've seen some real hawgs swimming in there but usually get too impatient dealing with the weeds and leave. did you happen to actually see any of the grass carp in there? just curious what size the stocked fish were. i need to add a grass carp to my species list.

  3. I've seen big carp back there but have no idea what kind. I plan on going out there tomorrow morning and throw some senkos. Or top water frogs.
  4. Good luck coaxing a grass carp onto your hook. They are stocked because they eat the weeds. They do not eat like typical carp and are hard to get to bite. The only one I've ever caught was a 42" 38 lber in a private pond. I saw kids throw them bread, and the grass carp would occasionally come up and eat it. So, one day I put a hook in a fresh slice of bread, lobbed it out there to float, and sure enough, the fight was on. Dont forget to C&R.
  5. Never fished for them myself, but a buddy had caught them on cherry tomatoes. He would just throw a couple on a hook without any weight. He said that it would hit the water.........slowly sink .........and wham !!!! Good luck!