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Attention Guests!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lewis, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Lewis


    Please take the time to register and join in on the fun here at OGF!
    Everyone is welcome here.
    So sign in and introduce yourself! :D
  2. Atrkyhntr invited we at Ohio Camp Cooks to drop in so here I am. Been nosing around for about a half hour now and it looks pretty good! Hope you don't mind if I visit regularly. Don't do near as much fishing as I'd like. Seems like all my fishing buddies are now "pushin up" rather than "hookin up" worms! :( Life goes on! I'd like to invite you all to come visit us at Ohio Camp Cooks as well and if there is a moderator listening; I would like to add your site to our links. I'd also like for you all to drop in and take a look at the Fund raiser we are having for my friend Steven L.Terry a good old Missouri boy. If this works right both links should show up at the bottom of this post.
    The auction will run through the 15th and there is some real nice gear been donated there. That includes a couple of fishing trips and some high end tackle as well. April of Del-Mart Molds has donated a real nice worm mold kit worth about a hundred bucks that right now I have the high bid on. So drop in and nose around. Until I get back here in the boat; nice to meet you all! :) (auction)

  3. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Welcome to the site Pawclaws!
  4. Welcome Phil...
    I'll tell you this much you will love going to the outtings and meeting members who would love to hookup with you and fish and visa versa!!!
  5. Looking Foward Too Hearing Some Of Your Posts! :)
  6. Hope I get a chance to visit and meet with y'all! If you are in the neighborhood, my group is having a gathering :) thing at Salt Fork the 20 - 22nd of May. You all are welcome to come out and cook a little, fish a little, and swap lies!