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    After speaking with the Manger last night at Gander Mountain, He informed me that he will NOT get any new ice fishing gear in this year for us. He said he MIGHT be getting a few augers and combo's in - But thats IT.

    I was upset at the time, but knew that wasn't his choice - its Gander Corporation choice.

    I was ready to purchase a new shanty, flasher and 4 St. Croix Combo's for the upcoming season to find out I will not be able to put my money back into the local economy.

    I will now have to take my money to Bass Pro Shop in Toledo to find what I need.

    I've already called Gander Corp to lodge a comment with them, telling them its a concern to me that they aren't carrying what I need, when I need it.

    I would love for you to follow me in this direction. If you could take 10 mins out of your day to call "Base Camp" and tell them you aren't happy with the change they've made with the system.

    Please call 1(888)942-6337 and talk to a Customer Service Rep. The only way we are going to get stuff here in Columbus this year is if we work together on this.


  2. I just went to the gander mountain out by dayton off of 70 and they had everything you could want even had 3 or 4 different shanties. It's only about 45 min. from columbus.

  3. Gander Mtn Store Manager's have some discretion in regards to their merchandse and quantities. They are not totally straight-jacketed by the coporate bosses, but have guidelines that in wholesale purchasing that must be followed. That's no different than any other retail franchise.

    Columbus' Gander loss is Dayton's gain... Plus it may be a gain for the small, local tackle shops & bait stores.
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    Its not that I don't want to support our local bait and tackle shops, its just that its hard to find good ones anymore.

    Here in Columbus we don't have many Bait & Tackle Shops I can only think of one great one and thats R&R downtown.
  5. another good bait and tackle store is fishermans wharehouse on williams rd.
    don't know if they have ice gear but they have everything else even guns and hunting supplies.
  6. Buying from a store like gander mountain dosent really put money back into the local economy anyway , atleast not like buying from an independent bait shop or dealer would since a great deal of the profit goes somewhere else.., so other than having to drive a little farther there is no difference if you buy from a different store in a different area.
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    It makes sure that the store will stay in business. Therefor helping the local economy.