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  1. Here you go... You're own subforum to talk shop. Bowfishing is a perfectly legal means of fishing in Ohio and we have several interested folks here who take part.

    Special thanks to our own Misfit for the suggestion. All credit here goes to Rick, so shoot him a PM and tell him "thanks"!

  2. misfit

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    not to answer for carl,but jugging,trotlining,etc are all hook and line methods.the fact that bowfishing is totally different is just why it was put under the bowhunting forum.hook and line fishing really has no place in a hunting forum.
    this forum was not created solely to,in your words "solve hate posts".it was created so that the growing number of bowfishers had a place to discuss various aspects of their sport.
    the best way to solve the problem you mentioned (in all forums) is for members to try to be respectful of each other regardless of how they choose to legally pursue fish and game.

  3. Thanks Rick!

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  4. Carpn


    Thanks for giving us our own place .
  5. Ðe§perado™

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    Thanks for opening an area for the bowfishers.
  6. BigChessie

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    It will be nice to not have to "search" for all the post made by Ðe§perado™ now lol. Thanks for making it easier to see what the bowfishing guys are doing.
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    saw 2 guys going out to bowfish last night at edgewater. what an elaborate setup they had . 6 floodlights and a gas generator to power them.
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    sweet! I have only got out once, and it was fairly successful. Acton Lake during the spawn is too much fun!
  9. Zfish

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    Thanks Rick and Carl!