Attaching lures

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Snaps, swivels or direcvt tie?

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  1. Snap without swivel

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  2. Snap swivel

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  3. Knot directly to lure

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  1. Unless the lure was one that would twist my line I always thought that tying it directly to the line was the way to go. I felt anything extra might scare off fish. My buddy, however, uses the old fashioned snap swivels and can change lures at a moment's notice. I can't say I catch more than him.

    Tying a knot can take a little more time than a simple snap and I wonder if there isn't an easier way. How many tie directly to say a Hot n Tot and how many use some sort of snap?
  2. I tie on.... although

    on Any crank, though IMO.. i use perfer a simple doul lock snap to let the action move a bit more freely... very light and we have them in black or red..

    if i am finesse fishing i usually tie everything on! again ,dpends on the situation...

    .. a Palomar knot is a great easy knot to learn quickly and easily if yiou choose to tie directly!



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