At the river @ 0345 today....

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  1. .... I can attest to the strength, and speed of some of those fish! I was using my 10wt, and pretending that I was in the salt.. lol ... I waded out into the Ohio "I know the river intimately in this section".. I would never wade a river at night with out knowing it well.. I would hook into three fish using a pure white deceiver as attached below, and the one I hit the fish on are missing schallapen. I tied these flies on 4/0 hook in hoping to hook a large predatory fish in the ledges, sand bars along the river. I would not see the first three fish, but the third jumped out of the water and snapped my #10 tipped like it was #4 test. I would land a few wipers later that where 1-3#. Skip jacks where chasing bait, and the wipers, and white bass were right with them. The fog was awesome today helped keep the low light conditions until about 0830. I though the party was over, and the last cast before stopping for the day I would hook into the largest Small Jaw I have ever seen south of the big pond. She would be loaded with eggs, and about 24-25” and girthy. She inhaled a black and white clouser pictured below. The water was warm, and the clarity perfect. The cold morning was nice!

  2. ...and that was a great story. Would love to join you some time on the Ohio.
    They do look like saltwater flies and they look just like the shad in the Ohio.

    I plan on using my pontoon boat and fly rod tomorrow at Miami White Water or Winton Woods. I hope I catch something.


  3. If you ever want to do a float some time shoot me a pm! As far as the Ohio river goes the I wont be able to make it down there untill after Memorial Day weekend. I enjoy floating, and its really the only way to go!
  4. if you dont mind where abouts is this wadable section of the big O, i dont throw alot of flies there because where i fish its either crowded or there is no room to cast, that and this sounds like a good spot
    congrats on the pig smallie as well