At the risk of sounding morbid

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by WalleyeGuy, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. I have lost a few close fishing friends over the years and wish there was a place to send them off to the big pond in the sky with.
    Maybe at the Moderators next meeting they will take up the subject of a Obituaries thead of some type for our good people here at OGF.
    Just to give them a proper and respectful send off to the Big Pond In The Sky.
    Please concidder a thread for them.
  2. Corey

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    My first reaction was, as you said, that this would be too morbid, but the more I think about it I think we need to have a page for something like this. Like you, I have lost some good fishing buddies over the years who deserved some type of memorium. With the shop it's worse; each season we lose a few of the older customers. If we could only capture and save their knowledge.

  3. catking

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    I like that idea. I remember one fellow that I wrote back and forth with on another site. Even exchanged the wifes "White Chili" recipe with (MISFIT knows this food :D )him. Anyways, some of you might remember Bobberwatching, who passed away a year or so ago. Hit me in the gut pretty good. So yes, somewhere down the road, I think somewhere there will be a page for members gone but never forgotten. CATKING
  4. I Think Its A Great Idea..i Lose A Relative And Friend Almost Every Yr. The Older You Get It Seems The More You Lose....