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September 18th. I picked up my brother from the nursing home around 08:00 to head for the Ohio River. We got our lines in the river around 08:50. The river was clear with a slow current, and a slight ripple on the water. At 08:55 I got a slight tap on one of my rods that was baited with a small skipjack. I took this as a good sign that we were going to get some action for a change.

09:20 my brother had a gar bite which got the heart beat up a little. He was getting another tap at 10:05 then the fish hit it hard. He was by his rod this time and hooked the fish. The Channel cat was 22 inches long, and weighed 5.75 pounds. So he broke the ice, this was also on a small skipjack. We had fresh Gizzard Shad as well, I even threw out a live Shad, but nothing hit it.

After that we had just a few taps no real hard bites. I tried other baits seasoned chicken breast, chicken gizzards, even thawed creek chubs but no takers. It got very warm and no action so we packed it in and headed home around 13:00.

My brother had bragging rights once again; the big fish and only fish. I got skunked for the second time in a row. Have to see how thing work out the next time we go. I want to get out sometime this week in my boat to see if I can have better luck.
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