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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by leckig, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. After 2 years of constant search, 3 trips daily (almost...) in the search of the most mystic and frightening fish on the USA, today in the morning, with my new super extra turbo boat:

    captain leckig caught a game he will remember until his last breath:

    The terrifying beast fought like the last devil,

    almost ripped our boat in half. With its total length of well over a foot after a fight that seemed to last eternity and took no less than 4 seconds it unhooked itself with amazing ease and returned to the deepest hole somewhere on the very bottom of its kingdom.

    Finally I can put a sticker of a gar on the side of my fishing pole :).
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    Glad to see that you are out catching fish in your new boat!

  3. yeah, my goal is to catch 1 fish for every dollar i spent on the boat. need 48 more fish.
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    Way to go Leckig. When I saw this thread I figured you may have landed a monster carp, AKA Scioto Salmon.