Assault Weapon Ban Coming Back?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NLC25, Feb 26, 2009.

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    This time they want to make it permanent---looks like Obama plans to use Mexican drug violence as a scare tactic for why we need the ban back. I would not be surprised if they seek to make the ban even stricter than it was under Clinton.
  2. Just shows they still have no idea whats really going on and try to use deception to further an agenda. The mexican drug pushers dont get their guns in the U.S. since mexico is full of them. The gun problem is more because the guns come from mexico and brought across the border then distributed illegally once here. Anything that can be imagined gets smuggled across the border not just drugs. Can you imagine druggers legally or even illegally buying guns here when there is such a ready supply just across the border ? If they do get them here then they obtain them illegally so a ban on legally sold guns wont have an effect except to disarm us. But those in charge drive their bullet proof cars and live in their secluded gated communities cut off from the general population , effectively keeping their heads buried in the sand and have no clue how the real world works. This isnt meant to be a political statement so I hope its not taken that way, just laymans terms for what is really going on.

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    I don't know how much more I can take. If there was a fence....maybe our guns wouldn't be crossing the border so easily...

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    i think if you guys do too much digging you'll just bum yourselves out. there are anti gun extremists ALWAYS trying to pass insane gun laws. most of which usually get shut down. its always going to be proposed, just don't depressed yourselves. i have faith in this country...for now.
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    I agree with Mush on this one - build the damn wall and get it all over with. You'll stem the tide of illegals and smuggled goods.
  6. This isn't the fringe is the Administration (who has strong majorities in Congress).

    Funny thing...1) are these drug cartels actually getting their weapons from the U.S.? (I doubt it) 2). Even if I am wrong on 1), are they buying them legally? NO.

    They are going to use irrational fear to justify this---the Mexican drug cartels are not using legally purchased weapons from America.
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    I better get in before the axe falls. As said earlier this is not a hollow attempt by some "extremists" this is our new Congress. The return of the "assult" weapon ban is forthcoming and was so said by the Attorney General of The United States yesterday. If the AG says it's happening that means the POTUS directed it and Congress will pass it.
    So goes another another dramatic example of our "change". People asked for it now we have it. Wish some would be more careful with what they ask for when it's the rest of us that end up getting it.
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    there isn't insane anti gun extremists in congress? they'll always be there, until guns are banned then they'll find something else to complain about and hate
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    I was of the understanding that the OGF website was to be free of political posts REGARDLESS of the side you take. When did the rules change?
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    they never did the following from those rules if you have not yet done so;)
    and before you ask...........yes,gun control issues involve sportsmen's rights and issues.
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  11. Not showing one side or the other, just wondering, who uses assault weapons for "sportsmen's" purposes? Are they used to hunt? I don't hunt therefore don't know.
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    imo,"assault weapons" is more or less just a term used to classify certain types of weapons for purposes of control.
    some ofv them are not really hunting guns,but many can be.whether or not any particular weapon is used for hunting,any legislation concerning guns has a direct effect on sportsmen.remember,the term "sportsman" doesn't just apply to hunting, and there are lots of shooting sports aside from hunting.
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    Here is a article from the March issue of American Hangunner writen by
    Roy Huntington. He's the editor of The Insider. A colum in the American Hangunner. I agree with him alot.

    Title: Ok, now everyone calm down

    The buying frenzy going on in our industry right now surpasses anything that went on when Clinton got into office. Dealers who might normally sell 2 or 3 type AR/Type rifles a month report selling literally "hundreds". I atteneded the Tulsa Oklahoma gun show recently and can report there was not an unsold round of .223, 9mm, or .45 to be seen. One dealer told me he sold, over 175,000 rounds in 45 minutes this morning. It sort of reminds me of the run on banks after the stock market crash-which led to the depression. Do you remember about 20 years ago when there was a rumor toilet paper was going to be in short supply? And sure enough, all the toilet paper in every supply stream was sold out immediatly causing-you guessed it-a shortage of toilet paper, when there would normally have been plenty. And we are doing it again.
    Yes, the Democrats are in office, and everytime they take on a "gun culture" they got their noses bloodied. And my concern is about Obama and what he and his peirs might do? You bet. But think about this: their hands are full right now with the war, economy, jobs and all those hundreds of promises they made during the months prior to elections. The very last thing they want to do right now is to take on millions of angry gun owning Americans.
    While some in our industry are clapping their hands raking in the dough, with sales going through the roof, we forgot what happened before. I hope they are banking most of it, because it lasts a year, maybe a bit more, then bang, the lid shuts. Every consumer out there will have spent their 10/year gun wad buying cases of .223 and AR'S by the truck full. Moms unhappy with all the spending and the kids still need shoes. Meanwhile, the guns and ammo are collecting dust. And if they outlaw those guns, how many of you think they will let us keep the ones we bought in our frenzy? Go ahead, put your hands up. How many? So...... we need to calm down. Spend as you normally would, support your local dealers, order that gun you have always wanted, go hunting, shoot some ammo, get that new holster, but don't be a lemming. I know many of you would disagree. But, I am very concerned about a year or two from now, when dealers doors are shut permantly because there is little business, and gun manufacturers are laying people off and going out of business. It happened with the frenzy that occured with Clintons election and its happening again. Are we destined to repeat history? It makes better sense to be well informed, united and strong-in business, and knowledge and in numbers-to tackle the long term fight that is surely ahead of us.
    It will be impossible for Obama to deliver on the countless vaporous promises he and his party made. And we will be watching, and when his supporters realize they made a terrible mistake i think they will distance themselves--fast.
    But now its put up or shut up time as the saying goes. And we need to be smart to keep our industry strong. But don't mess with my gun rights, Mr President. Just don't.
  14. I know quite a few guys that varmit hunt with guns that would fall under the catagory of "assault" weapons. There are more than a few rifles that are not "black" guns(black guns meaning ar-15's, bushmasters, etc) that would also fit the catagory they are trying to ban, if memory serves me the Browning BAR and a few Ruger rifles would be affected. Mind you these are hunting rifles and do not have the appearance of an assault weapon.

    If you think the ban is a joke ask anyone in law enforcement. I know that even to buy the parts to assemble a finished rifle you will wait weeks. Look in your local gun shop and see how many they have on the shelf. They cannot produce them as fast as they are being bought due to the fear of an impending ban.

    Thanks for the post steelhead bob. I guess i will wait a year and buy one cheap.
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  15. It all depends on who is writing the bill and how "they" define an assault weapon. They can call a single shot 20 guage an assault weapon if they choose to. I would really like to get a Ruger mini 14 or mini 30 one day but I believe they will be defined as an assault weapon under the broad brush they paint the bill with. Certain people made certain promises in order to get support and votes , now certain people have to follow through. Thats why its an issue again.
  16. I would like to believe that they have bigger fish to fry at the moment then tackling the issue of gun control..but I believe they will eventually get around to it, funny thing is the last couple months with the economy being bad and people holding onto there money the only business that seems to be booming is gun sales.
  17. While the presidents popularity is at an all time high, all kinds of things are flying under the radar. Who know what is in the stimulus package. Hundreds of pages of legislation rushed under the name of saving the economy.

    If gun laws are going to get through, their best chance is now.
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