Asian Carp - Threatens the Great Lakes

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  1. Asian Carp Introduction - Could Disrupt Lake Erie Ecosystem

    The Asian Carp represents a threat to Lake Erie and the entire Great Lakes watershed area. Specifically, the Big Head and Silver Asian Carp Species are an immanent threat to invade the Great Lakes. The only thing standing in their way is the temporary electric barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal located 25 miles downstream from Lake Michigan.

    These “Fresh Water Giants” could be disastrous to the Lake Erie Sport and Commercial Fisheries that adds in excess of a Billion Dollars to Ohio’s Economy each year and over 4.5 billion to the overall Great Lakes Area. Their weight can easily approach or exceed 100 pounds and consume forty percent of their body weight in plankton each day. Their ability to reproduce is scary with each female able to carry 2 million eggs. They present a danger to boaters, jet skiers and water skiers due to their skittish nature to water traffic. They have cause serious injuries by jumping into boats and in the paths of water and jet skiers.

    They have already established an overwhelming presence in the Greater Mississippi Watershed. The temporary barrier is beginning to fail. Congress must fund to complete the construction of the permanent barrier and create proper funding to operate and maintain both the temporary and permanent barriers. Congress is currently considering the Great Lakes Asian Carp Barrier Act (H.R. 553) and the Barrier Project Consolidation and Construction Act (S. 336)

    We urge Ohioans to take action to save the Great Lakes economy and ecosystems. The Great Lakes barrier needs to be fully funded at $9.025 million dollars to protect our Great Lake (Lake Erie) for our current and future generations.
  2. I totally agree something needs to be done before these fish reach the great lakes. These fish were being raised in farm ponds in Mississippi when the river flooded and released them. These fish have virtually stopped all water sports on parts of the Mississippi river. I would recommend everyone go on line and view some of the clips of these fish jumping from the sound of boat motors (incredible).
    Unfortunately; I think there are two kinds of people those that have these fish and those that are going to get them, kind of like wild hogs.

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    i have seen some of the vids lol. All you have to do is go at noght for these fish, shine a light in the water and they will jump in your boat. CRAZY.

    The problem needs to be fixed.
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    So your saying I could add a few notches on my life list?!


    I completely agree with taking a proactive approach to anything related to protecting the great lakes. Personally, I don't have 9 mil laying around but I would vote for any type of tax or related funding issue to complete the barrior.
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    Weren't gobies supposed to be the "death of the Great Lakes" a few years ago? Last time I fished Erie I heard about how the fishing "just keeps getting better and better". Somebody's not telling the whole truth here. in my honest and unwavering opinion, there's not a biologist on this Earth that can predict exactly what will happen in the future. Give an opinion about, forecast, surmise, hazard a guess about, etc- but tell me now what's gonna happen a year from now? Not a chance.

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    It would be interesting to see what happens when they get to the Great lakes...but I hope it takes them awhile to get there...Cause they will get there. I travel down to KY to bowfish for these alot and we have seen em in the Ohio almost into Cinci. In some areas it is amazing the amount of asian carp you see. My biggest concern is for me and my equipt. as I run down river. A 20# airborne fish can cause some damage or hurt you pretty bad.
  7. We have a major problem here in Australia with the introduced European Carp, they basically destroy the ecosystems they're in, eating all the food, which kills off the native fish of the area! Not good, and once they are in, it's virtually impossible to get rid of them!!!
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    For those of you who have not seen an Asian Carp, Bighead & Silver, here are a couple photos of the strange fish.

    Bighead Carp


    Silver Carp... These are the ones that jump in boats!
  9. Does anyone know anyone that has tried eating one of these carp? I would think that someone was eating them for someone to be raising them.
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    i bet walleye will eat the young. those look alot like shad..still can't be a good thing:mad:
  11. there is a asian carp dish in thailand where is it deep fried and served still ALIVE. no joke goes to the table with the head still twitching. say it on the news.
  12. i thought that I heard that some were netting them for catfood.
    In my opionion, what makes them dangerous is also what makes them killable.
    just come up with a mechanisim that hovers off the sides of a boat. when you drive over the fish and they jump they are either...
    1. sliced up by sharp fixed or mechanized blades and killed.
    2. caught on sharp tines to harvest them and use them as catfood.
    3. electrically shocked and killed when they jump into charged wires.
    personally I think It would be fun to slice up those nasty things.

  13. I just watched this and it dawned on me how fun it would be to do guided hunts in a boat with shotguns and steel birdshot. just move along slowly with an electrode suspended in the water about 20 ft off to the side of the boat. Attatch it to a foot control. Just tap your foot to give em a shock and send a target into the air. I would have a ball blowing those things up at the peak of their jumps. Theres nothing to clean, no limit, just pure shooting fun.
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  14. I caught a show about aerial bowfishing. I wonder if these are the same fish. They were in a river somewhere in Indiana maybe. They had a guide for them "Extreme Aerial Bowfishing" It was on "Getting Close" with Lee & Tiffany. These fish are out of control when a boat goes over them!
  15. Ok, it was on the Illinois river silver/asian carp and Brackett outdoors was the guide. Tiffany made it hard to concentrate on what exactly was happening!!;)
    Looks like fun but I hope they keep them out of here:mad:
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    i saw the same show it was wild,i had it on dvr for awhile she had a nice outfit on in that show...........
  17. The silvers are the 'jumping' fish you see on the videos. They are really thick on the Illinois river. They don't get as large as their cousins the bighead. I've heard they were stocked in fish farms to help with water conditions, similar to grassies keeping ponds clean. Got out in the floods the midwest had back in the 90's

    We've ran into both on the Ohio while bowfishing. Fairly decent numbers just a lock or two down river. They will be here before long.

    Here's one of several bigheads we got last weekend down by Louisville. Just a shade under 60lbs...

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