ashtabula river

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  1. Anyone know how the water looks in Ashtabula? With the rain and melt off is the river fishable?
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    I was up there today (Sunday) and it was pretty fast. No one fishing. There was a handful of guys at Harpersfield dam fishing from the bridge, but it was real fast water too. Most of the snow was off up that way so if the rains don't treat us too bad Tuesday looks real good.

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    Look on the USGS water flow data(type that into your search engine) and look for the flows for the chagrin and tinkers creek. If chag is below 300 and tinkers is below 100 ash will fish. That way you don't have to come on here and ask. If you fish for steel you should learn to use that site like all the rest of us do to know when to go_Other key #'s,grand 800 or less for winter,500 or less for fall,rocky,200 or less and the V 120 or less. Hope that helps ya jr,TC!
  4. Thanks TC
    I've checked the flows of other rivers when I fish THEM but I never thought to compare the flows to judge Ash. Great idea. Thanks again for the numbers.
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    anyone know of any good fishing creeks or rivers around akron?