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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by TommyToTall, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. fishinbula

    fishinbula Its going under

    You can launch at a couple different places on the river. There is ARU which is just up from the hospital and you can troll from there all the way to the mouth. You can also launch at Kisters Marina which is just around the corner on Lake Avenue. Not sure when they pull the docks on the ramps though. There also is Lakeshore park you can launch from there and then troll from the mouth all the way down river to the last marina it gets shallow by last few docks and bottoms out under the road by the hospital.
  2. People been catching on rapalas and powerbait in the mouth today.

  3. Absolutely. There isn't a stocked river within 5 miles of downtown Cleveland yet literally hundreds of steelhead have bee n caught in the near shore sreas in the last month! Why wouldn't they be in the harbor of a stocked trib like Astabula?
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    Supposed to rain soon. Got a fresh fish today.
  5. My son was taking a walk along the river up stream from hospital and said he saw a few moving about. He said he saw five. Rain! Rain! Rain!
  6. Maybe this has been posted but I grew up in kingsville and have fished both conneaut and ashtabula. The ford was my most favorite of all hell skipped a few days of school to go on a day to have it all by myself but seeing what the landowners have done rightfully so is tough. All fenced off and looks like a prison lol. Both sides have got what they ways wanted bit i.know people disrespected the right to fish there in the past as well.
    Has there been any discussions as to installing some sort of tube/trout run to allow the steelhead farther upstream? Just a damn shame all the way around
  7. I had been trout fishing at the Ford for over 22 years. I taught my sons how to fly fish at the Ford. Some of the best fishing and most fish caught by day had been at the Ford. I swam there with my parents and brother and sisters over 35 years ago. Even my boys played in the water holes in the summer. I even removed logs from on top of the Ford with my children for fire wood. Chromehunter I feel your pain. It sucks. I understand why the new bridge went in. I can appreciate the home owners been tired of being burned by slob fishermen. It really hurts because 99 percent of sportsman and fisherman are responsible. I just wish we knew if we could still park somewhere and legally still fish the Ford from the shore or on top of the Ford. It truly is a prime place to steelhead fish.
  8. I talked to the ODNR last spring and they said the plan is to leave the Ford as is... Because it hampers the sea lamprey from moving farther upstream. But, I can't believe that they will maintain the Ford now that the bridge is up. It's a catch 22. If the Ford breaks apart the steelhead can run farther up. But so can the lamprey. Also in the last few years I had noticed the (top) road part of the Ford has been cracking and was hallow under it for like a foot. Especially on the north side. I know the Ford has been there for a very long time... But those hard freeze winter's worked it over a few year ago. We will see!
  9. True that I was under the ford as it has been eaten away, I did not know about the lamprays I'll have to research. I'd love to see the ford wash away but they built those things to last lol. Damn shame my son won't enjoy what I got to for sure
  10. Well.... I'm sure most of you have guessed this. The Ford is closed to fishing. Today I had a conversation with our game warden here in Ashtabula county. Originally the old road on the south side of the Ford was going to be fishing access and considered a park. However, the township has awarded that property to one of the home owners that gave up land for the bridge. But, the township is still aloud to use the old road to maintain the Ford. Also, the ODNR and U.S. Fish and Wildlife are not going to let the Ford just break apart. Their concern is the sea lamprey problems. The Ford stops the advance of lamprey upstream. But, the game warden did say the ODNR is trying to work out a solution to have fishing access to the Ford. We will see. He said if you are on the Ford or in the water you are now trespassing. Sorry for no immediate good news. Maybe some day.
  11. Appreciate the follow up, such a shame and to be honest that ford use to bring people from all over the closer states. It will be interesting to see how this gets resolved.
  12. One of the new bridges concrete pillars was put in one of the fishing holes. They also put concrete in one of the holes where water flowed down the ford. Fishing was not as good anyway after the new bridge was put in.
  13. Has anyone heard of the ghost trail or tannery hole on the Ash.? I'm in the area often and have only fished by the smolen bridge area which was pretty shallow. I heard there are some spots in the cedarquist park area by the hospital and the train disaster bridge, just wondering if anyone can help me out on how to access the area good place to park and start fishing?
  14. I always parked at the tannery bridge or the ball field and walked a lot of nice honey holes along the way. If you fish the bridge there are some nice drifts that hold a lot of fish.
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  15. The biggest holes in ashtabula are by the smolen gulf bridge. But they are privately owned by an angry old man that is tired of fisherman. You cant fish them anymore.:(

    Pretty much the whole stretch from the aru down to route 20 bridge is good. Very rocky after the hospital bridge. Expect to lose your lures until you get a feel for the area.
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