ashtabula gettin hotter

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  1. hit the ford yesterday and was catchin fish like they were going out of style, pulled a few females and males all over 27 to 32 inches. all caught on scain on the bottom, good fishin all:B
  2. Hey, pm me some details if you don't mind. Would love to go to the ash....

  3. I hope you enjoyed your time tresspassing and the people have the nerve to wonder why we lose access!
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    and it starts........:confused:
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    If we dont have anything constructive to say why say anything? Big daddy already said the steel forum was on thin ice. LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The problems are created by ppl just standing by and watching others do nothing. The constructive criticism is found in my post, and I was more polite than I was originally going to be. I will let this go. The reason is that we need to police our selves. I dont access the river there, and that is due to the sensetivity of the area. Yes I'm guilty as heck for being not so nice, but I do offer reasons for my sharp toungue. I'll give you a few: Anglers need to respect landowners wishes, anglers need to not tresspass, anglers need to realize the sensetivity of access issues on all great lakes tributaries. I respect Big D, and the job he does around here. I will not post again on this thread.

    Tom G.
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    I understand your concern, I just dont want this forum (steelhead talk) to be closed. If I have a comment that could be considered harsh I usually PM the person.
  8. in my defense it is posted but they cannot stop you from fishing the ford which is owned not by hewwit, you cannot fish past the posted signs im sure if he did own it the guys who have fished there ever since it was posted they and I would have been booted i wave to hewwit every morning im there and nothing is said and he politely waves back;)
  9. It's a double edge sword in regards to Steelhead Alley's streams. It's one of the most productive steelhead fisheries in the North America as Erie's streams have more fish per mile than any other river.

    With the high numbers comes a lot of people. I know for a fact that the internet isn't as bad as some people make it out to be. Last week I fished a eastside trib and I never seen so many people. The night before there were no reports on any of the popular fishing sites including this one, it's word of mouth.

    I rarely run into people since I start fishing very early in the morning since I use a small light stick on my float. This is very effective and most times I can fish out a spot before anybody arrives:p . I'm also willing to go the extra mile and I'll cover a lot of water.

    The Bula is a decent river but not the best.........
  10. thats really the only place i fish and do very well in most cases i do love to fish conneaute but some day would love to hit another trib some time down the road, good fishin
  11. Was the ford just recently posted? If its the spot I am thinking of, as of last year, you were able to walk down stream as long as you did not fish in front of the house. I don't usually actually fish the ford, but are you still able to walk down stream. That would be a shame if that spot is now off limits.

  12. Well sorry, but the creek banks and the creek bed are off limits in this spot. The same family owns both sides of the creek in this location.
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    In your opinion, if you don't mind, what do you prefer?
  14. From first to worst

    Grand - Large and it's a pinner's dream
    Conneaut - Best river early in the season
    Vermilion - A lot of deep holes, great for float fishing
    Chagrin - Lower is too crowded, but the upper section is nice
    Ashtabula - Clears the quickest and is better suited to fly fishing
    Rocky - I live 5 minutes away and I barely fish it. Easy access and too many people.
    PA - forget about it!
  15. Sorry, didn't know the "ford" was off limits, am from mansfield just looking for a spot to steelie fish. I have never fished the ashtabula before, but it sounds fun to fish in the "legal" spots. I apologize for not knowing better......!
  16. Hey quick question on the 'Bula steelhead areas, where is a good spot to hit that is legal. I was once told Cedarquist park but the water is about 4" deep last i was down there. Ive been going to Arcola in Madison but the drive is too expensive in my gas guzzler.

    Sorry Im new to fishing and just trying to keep this new addiction up as long as possible.
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    I have about the same opinion besides the Grand River part and Ash movving up slightly. How do you base your preference? Size, number or quality of fish. I was at the Grand last week with a buddy and we had one on and that was it. Just curoius.

  18. Maybe some book quotes most fish per mile or whatever BS for Erie streams, but the overall quality of steelie fishing is very poor in OH/PA. I have been fishing OR and WA streams and its not even close, you can go miles without seeing another person, there are multiple runs of fish (summer,winter), rivers are everywhere, streams clear within hours, not to mention 38" + fish are quote common. Fishing in OH/PA is like a battle ground and finding spots is a struggle. There are so many rivers and fish here in OR that the Ohio attitude is rare, people will share tips/spots because as hard as you might try the fish will never end. Ohio is a joke, reality is not always pretty.
  19. You are right you cant compare the west coast fishery to the great lakes. Our fishery is man made, and where the west coast are natives/ wild fish. What is a joke about Ohio, and Pa they stock way to many fish. As far as the crowds go I dont fish around them, and I have been able to stay away from them for quite a few years. Well Pa does stock well over a million smolts a year "that to me is a little (lol) over the top". I have seen 40" steelhead in the OP, and our streams and river lack the geological make up such as those west coast streams to run clear after a rain or a snow meltoff. The truth be told the west coast steelheaders do not like our fishery at all, and this I have spent several hours talking to ppl in and around the OP that have told me so. they see us a lead throwing meat mongers! lol.... There is simply no comparison to the two fisheries!
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    OK holland really uncalled for.. most anglers i have met on the river have been quite amiable and we are proud of our fishery. We are mostly just grateful we have the oppurtunity to persue such a beautiful fish in our urban atmosphere. I think most anglers dream of moving out west where we imagine an abundance of trout and endless mountain strewn skies. I think we are pretty fortunate though compared to about 30 other states.