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asbestos ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PAYARA, Jul 7, 2004.



    all, who here knows a thing or two about
    asbestos?i live with my Grandma and iam
    certin that the house contain asbestos in
    several areas.the siding for one is asbestos
    although iam not really worried about this
    even though a number of the sheets are
    chipped or cracked as it is outdoors and
    these sheets have been broken for years.
    the house use to contain shingles and
    bathroom floor tiles that were asbestos,
    but were removed many years ago.the
    second place i have found asbestos(and
    the place it worries me,but iam not for certin it is
    asbestos,but most likely is because of its age)is in
    the tape on the duct work in the basement.its old
    tape and it is starting to crumble and split(also
    the cat has traveled through the register/ducts
    a few times due to a broken cover and caused the
    tape to split due to the shifting of the pipe.)
    now iam afraid that there has been fibers released
    into the air(iam sure there have been somewhat)
    i have spent alot of time in the basement over the
    years and im worried that i may have inhaled a
    bit of it.i understand there is probably not a
    large amount in this tape but still,i get worried.
    i have consulted with several people who say i should
    not worry about it(and how they have been around it
    at work and all the things they have done with asbestos)
    is this tape really a big danger?iam not disturbing it at
    all,but it is splitting and crumbling in places.
    as long as its not disturbed its suppose to be ok but
    iam not sure in this situation.any one have any opinions
    or thought on this?iam conserned as i dont what to
    die of cancer at age 35 or something from inhaleing
  2. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    It sounds like you need to have a professional contractor check out your house so that you can know for certain.

    After that you can always be tested yourself, if need be.

    Good Luck, and let us know how it goes.

    - Rumi

  3. Hold your horses

    Asbestos mania started........back in the day....At the Johns Manville plant (ironic), it used to SNOW asbestos in the entire community during times of production. A couple of people came down with sympthoms of EXTREME exposure guessed it... The fact of the matter takes YEARS of exposure to asbestos to have ANY affect on your respiratory system and incidental exposure (such as yours) will have the same affect (or less) on your health as breathing the air on a dusty gravel road in the middle of God's country.

    To set your mind at ease....simply seal any exposed suspected asbestos with a can of spray paint or urethane, but be careful.....the fumes from the can causes cancer or makes your kids goofy.
  4. Actually asbestos "mania" started in the late 1800s and early 1900s when miners, shipbuilders and insulators started dropping dead of a disease no one could quite pin down. That disease was asbestosis. Of course that information was covered up as much as possible by the corporations (like Johns Manville) that profitted enormously from using, mining and selling asbestos containing products but knew they were potentially dangerous. Asbestos is so widely used throughout the US that you can capture fibers (in a large enough sample) in almost every major city.

    That disease (asbestosis) is caused by one thing and one thing only:

    Exposure to airborne fibrous asbestos

    Not everyone who has been exposed to asbestos gets asbestosis. But everyone who gets asbestosis was exposed (and NOT just those with extreme exposures) to asbestos.

    Additionally, asbestos exposure is implicated in 80% of mesothelioma (a somewhat rare cancer of the lining of the lungs) cases.

    *deleted political rant*

    Anyway back to the issue at hand.

    The siding and shingles are not a big deal at all. What you are concerned with are friable asbestos materials. Friable meaning capable of being crushed in your hands. So, if you can't crush it down to powder in your hands don't be too concerned. You can legally rip off all that siding or shingles and throw it in a roll off box if you like.

    The tape does sound like it may be an old asbestos sealant tape. The issue is if you just seal the outside of the tape you may still get fibers released into the ductwork from the other side.

    My advice (and I am a licensed asbestos management planner :D ) would be to wet down that tape and remove it and replace it with good, new aluminum tape.

    There is NO NEED to hire a consultant to do this for you. Keep the tape you are working with soaking wet and it will not release any fibers. If the house was built in the period between WWII and the mid-70's there is a pretty good chance that it contains asbestos containing building materials. Most of these do not pose a threat to your health but I would replace anything with the potential to release fibers into your HVAC system.

    A few other considerations:

    Tell me where you are and I can probably recomend a lab for you to take a sample to for analysis for asbestos content.

    There is no test that will absolutely rule out asbestos exposure. A major problem can be diagnosed with a x-ray but by that point you are already too far gone and will probably die of asbestosis in 6 months to 20 years.

    Asbestos usually has a latency period of about 20 years. In other words, problems arising from chronic exposure will usually take 20 or more years to show up.

    Most cases of asbestosis and mesothelioma are related to chronic exposure (meaning somewhat heavy doses over an extended period of time). This would be rather rare in a household situation. It is possible, but doubtful. Chances are the concentration of fibers was just not very high (thankfully).

    Lastly, here are the major places you will find asbestos in a house:

    Floor tile and linoleum (older) almost EVERY old 9x9 floor tile was asbestos containing.
    Ceiling tile (older, specifically Armstrong ceiling tile)
    Pipe insulation - specifically white, plaster-type insulation that will be found on hot water lines or old boiler steam lines.
    Asphalt Shingles
    Transite siding (this almost looks like concrete)
    Drywall (specifically joint compound and joint tape)
    Fire bricks used in building fire boxes in fireplaces.
  5. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    Hey guys,

    PLEASE try to keep this dicussion on topic.

    We don't have a concealed carry law here, you need to check your political agenda's with the sheriff when you enter this town. :D

  6. Agreed Lundy, sorry I will edit my post ;)

    Payara, feel free to pm me for more help.


    thanks guys.

    i have searched all over the house and the only
    places i have found asbestos to be a threat is
    the duct work where some of the tape has been
    damaged.i thought about insulation but this house
    has no insuilation as its double constructed or some-
    thing.iam going to hopefully get this tape situation
    under moms boyfriend will probably take
    care of it as he seems to have no fear of it(told me
    all the things hes done with the stuff at work in the
    past, like sanding it.) hes been checked 2 times for
    any related diseases and has had none.
    i dont think i have been exposed to major amout of
    it(not like i have been sniffing this tape :))but still
    just wonder if going into the basement is enough
    to cause a problem later.

    thanks again guys.and Onion i will definally be in
    touch if i have any questions.
  8. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    One of the early warning signs of asbestosis is an overwhelming desire to fish for carp :D

  9. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    WOW!!! Now that was LOW Lundy :D hehehe!!
  10. Having a strong attraction to catching Sheepshead has any link to asbestos exposure. :eek: :rolleyes: :D :D