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  1. ANybody get their October F&S in the mail yet? There is a pretty big article discussing the Wayne as a hotbed for big bucks, and a great place for out of staters to "get a big one". I'm sure this article will create a stir.
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    Ive been scouting wayne hard this past week and have seen some sign but not alot of deer. I sure hope there is alot of them in there for as hard as it gets hit during gun week and now weekend

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    Yea ,I read that was kinda comical the way he wrote it..I thought there was alot of pressure there..The article probably will kick that up some
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    i think its all in repsonce to the German Buck...correct me if Im wrong but I believe thats where it was they are drawing attention to it....just as people did when the beatty buck was killed and then the other state record x-bow kill from there
  5. There are a lot of deer in Wayne and some real brutes. The thing is Wayne NF is huge and it takes a great deal of scouting and one has to be willing to get out where few guys go to stand a chance at the big boys.

    The article may create a bit more interest and traffic but I don't know that it will be very significant.
  6. The Jerman buck was killed in Warren county in southwest Ohio. (Wilmington area)
  7. BKR,
    I agree. I think alot of guys might initially think that this is a great opportunity for them to get in on the great ohio hunting, but after looking at topo maps and going to the wayne, they will not want to do the footwrk to get in "deep" where the big boys are.
  8. Bkr got it right. I used to bow hunt some parts of Wayne a lot and we killed a fair amount of deer. But you have to be both good and lucky to stick a big one around there.