Article about BPS store in Akron

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Lewzer, May 22, 2007.

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    Like the guy said in the article... "Why Akron?" You would think closer to the big pond. :confused:

  2. Well, why not Akron? :) I hope it happens, and I'll be right there if and when it does.
  3. I hope it does too. I'm right around the corner! Literally.

    I don't keep up much about the city but they just built a massive condo style building right on the outskirts of downtown near the Y-bridge that kind of overlooks the valley under the bridge. I personally would have never thought of something like this to be desireable to anyone but apparently they are all sold with back up offers waiting.
  4. They have finally realized how much money I spend on fishing equiment!
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    I would think cuyahoga county would be a more likely spot but WHO CARES it's closer than Cinci for everyone from Columubus north, I'll make the 30 minute drive down there from Cleveland for a pack of swivels and some hooks. I can't wait.
  6. Cleveland doesn't deserve one. They had the chance a few years ago when planning for the steelyard commons project. A basspro anchor for the mall with direct access to the river would have been a winner -- accessible by boat and a launching pad/weighing area for tournaments.

    The folks in power (calamity Jane and crew) obviously didn't fight too hard or bend too much to make it happen -- they got their Wal-Mart instead.
  7. Lou


    Cleveland got :S .
    What a bad move........
  8. I'm psyched for this. Hope it happens cause it's only 5 minutes away.
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    Being a former Akronite I now live in the Ohio Valley and have a 45 minute drive to Cabela's in Wheeling WV for my nearest fishing shopping spree.
    I feel it would be well worth the 2 hour trip to come to my hometown to shop at Bass Pro.
    I am 110% for it. I kinda wish they would come to my neck of the woods.
  10. that would be awesome.. thats 30 seconds from my house, i live just off brittan road in goodyear heights
  11. The thought of BPS in Akron is Great!! I also dread that it is only 5 min. away. I can just see my money startin' to grow wings.
  12. :D This could not be good! My husband would never get me out of there! And I'm sure I could always justify why I need this and why I need that. After all, we just got a boat! There goes my raise! :D
  13. Big Daddy is right, why not Akron. Akron used to be the tackle capital of the world back in the day. Some of the most famous lures in history were designed in Akron and tested on Portage Lakes. That said, I think it's great. Might give that area something to be proud of.
  14. With is central location, Akron is a perfect spot. They will draw heavy from Canton, Ashland, Wadsworth, Y-town and of coarse Cleveland.
  15. That I-76/I-77 connection will be great for them. Should bring lots of folks from north of Columbus and western Pennsylvania.
    When they're done at BPS they can go east 5 minutes to Summit Racing and get stuff for their tow vehicle!:D (had to do that,sorry)