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  1. i am buying 3 good arrows and i dont know what kind to get it is a tie between easton axis slim or carbon express terminators and i am geting the new rage tips hopely
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    I'd go with the Eastons. I've had the same dozen going on 3 seasons now and I've never seen a tougher arrow. If you can swing it, Get a half doz., Four for your quiver, and two to practice with. Get a pack of the Rage for 3 of them, and put a Judo point on the fourth for tree rats.;)

  3. i am but i wil only have about 50 bucks to spend so i dont know and i already have a judo tip on a arrow
  4. Hey guys, I've been shootin a Hoyt Ultrameg for about 2 yrs. now. Shooting Carbon Arrows, but have any of u guys tried the new Carbon arrows with the Smaller Fletching? Cant think of the brand name right now though. Any feedback would be great! thanx guys.
  5. I think your talking about Blazer vanes.I used them last year with Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows and they fly great!
  6. i think u r thinking about quick spins
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    Since you have a budget, go with the Easton Epic ST. Its slim like the Axis, but a lot cheaper. You can prolly get a half dozen for around $50.
  8. what you practice with is what you should hunt with, i know it may get expensive but i made the mistake of shooting two different arrows and they didnt line the same
  9. thank u guys for the i realy appriciate it
  10. I'll second the Easton Epic ST. I shoot them with Blazer vanes and they really fly great. I picked them up at Fisherman's Wharehouse for around 50 bucks for a half dozen, fletched and cut!!
  11. I got a half dozen easton axis last year for $56! by the way love those things!
  12. thank u guys for the help i am shooting a stormf-26 this is my first bow does anyone live around newcarlisle ohio
  13. I shoot gold tip (hunter) carbon arrows. I get them off of ebay for 50.00 a doz and they last forever. You can fletch them with whatever you want. Get a Arizona EZ fletch and go at it.