Armco Park public?

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  1. Check this out[/URL]

    Sorry cant figure out how to get this link to work if someone could post a working link I would appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for the link, it said free, that is a fun lake too. Fished there one time and had a blast. tons of crappie and largemouth. The best part is its 10minutes from me.
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    The story I read, from the Middletown Journal, said it would be open and free to the public, but that might change before everything is said and done.
    We are talking about politicians here, after all.;)
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    I have fished this lake a number of times with a buddy of mine who's father worked at AK. We mostly screwed around and caught alot of crappie and small bass from the boats they rent (really cheap, like $15 a day). We also have done alot of carp fishing there in years past, their are some HUGE carp in the shallows here, the lake is loaded with em. Many over 30lbs have been caught out of there. I also golfed in the golf course, had a good time at that also!!
  5. i stopped by Armco park on the way home yesterday from buying a couple seats for my jon boat and talked to the park attendant and he said that it was true the park would be open to the public beginning the 2009 season, i also asked him if a metro parks pass would be required and he said he did not know and i also asked if there was going to be a daily entry fee and he could not answer that either, but however this turns out this will open up another great spot for the public to enjoy time with friends and family, i just hope the state maintains the park the way it has been in the past........Mike