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  1. I might be taking a trip to Phoenix at the end of March, and wanted to possibly do a 1 day fishing excurision. Can anyone reccommend any good charter/guides in that area? I'm still up-in-the-air on what species to chase, could be bass, or trout, or even heard rumors of 'eyes in the area also....

    Please let me know who you have had good experiences with (and web link if possible)

    Thanks ! ! !

    JTRESS consistently confused

    Check out Lake Pleasant ,north of Phoenix if I remember right. Arizona has some monster Striped Bass. you have to go west to the Colorado River, but they run over 50lbs. out there.

  3. For trout, you might want to research a Lee's Ferry float trip on the Colorado River. Plenty of sites to look at. Good time of the year to do it, too.
  4. I have a cousin that lives there. I'll e-mail her and she what she can find out.
  5. WD - Nice hearing from you again ! ! ! Give her an "atta girl"... the first goes to weekly fishing reports, and the second goes to a guide service based out of Phoenix. According to their site, B.A.S.S. Pro John Murray works for them.

    Jtress - Thanks for the tip ! ! ! I want to stay closer to the Colorado River is a little to far of a trip (but 50 lb. stripers does sound exciting ! ! !) Just looking for an inexpensive 1/2 to 1 day trip to treat my uncle.
  6. Stoshu,

    Glad That I could help. Atta girl is on the way. Enjoy the trip and of course a full report is in order when you return.