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    Hello Everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what area of the Vermillion River is good spot to catch steelhead in the spring? I am also wondering if there are any rivers west of the Vermillion that might be a good place to steelhead fish? Also other than the artificial egg sacks, what types of lures work well for steelhead? I am not looking to steal any secret areas or anything I am just interested in trying steelhead fishing:)

  2. Welcome to the OGF family. You might want to try looking at the Steelhead and Northeastern forum and look for some old threads. You will find some great information on what setup to use and where to fish. Any river or creek that runs into Lake Erie has a chance of getting some steel. The ones further east will receive more steelhead due to the generous stocking program PA has. Hopefully ill pull one out this year from a river here in northwestern Ohio.

    Here is a link to the map of the Vermillion River with all its public access spots. FFBG

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    FFBG :)
    You deserve the angler of the year award lol.
    My best tip would also be to check the NE Ohio forums they fish for those shiny fish all the time lol. Also at the bootom of the page is the steelhead forum you can find many tips there.