Are white bass any good?

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    Do you guys eat them? What would you compare them to? I've often heard that you have to ice them down right away or they get mushy. I normally don't fish the run, but I do catch quite a few out of the boat while walleye fishing, and always toss them back.;)
  2. I know I'm going to ruffle some feathers, but here goes:

    They have a strong, fishy taste, unless you soak the fillets in something to kill the stench. They don't freeze well, they turn mushy. They are a PITA to clean. They're fun to catch during the run, but for the table, I'll stick to perch, gills and eye's.

  3. He's absolutely right, they taste terrible and they are too much trouble to deal with. You should throw them right back in the water. ;)
  4. Personally I dont think white bass are bad at all and I am pretty picky when it comes to eating fish. I think the key is the handling of fish/game once its harvested, the sooner you cool it down once the better the it will taste. I clean clean the fillets up real nice, throw them into a bagand vacum seal with 10 fillets per bag.

    I always caught them and threw them back because I had to interest in tasting them until a friend fried me some fish and told me it was crappie, I knew it wasnt crappie after my second bite and asked him and I was suprised that the white bass tasted that good..
  5. I took 7 white bass home from the Maumee Tuesday evening after work. I put them on ice in my cooler as soon as a left the river. I kept them in ice until the next evening and then cleaned them. Four of the seven WB were between 13"-14". The fillets from those four were pretty good size. I put all of the meat in a ziplock bag and then filled it with salt water and put it in the refrigerator. Yesterday evening I rinsed off the fish a few times in clean water and then fried them up. They were awesome! This was the first time I have ever eaten WB and was a little skeptical based on some of what I was reading. But I was very pleased how they turned out.

    I will say that they are more difficult to clean than walleye. The rib cage seems to be a bit larger. There is also a blood vein that runs horizontally along the fish. It is fairly close to the skin. I did cut that out of all of the fillets. Maybe the people who claim they have a fishy taste did not cut out that blood vein. Who knows, just an assumption.

    If I were in your shoes, (I was until yesterday evening) I would at least give it a try.
  6. I have kept many white bass and have no problem with the taste. I am not saying that they are better than walleye, perch, or gills but they are a decent fish to eat. If you put them on ice for they way home to clean them they will taste fine. IMO they are very good and would not hesitate to eat them.
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    PIA to clean? FIshy? mushy from freezing? You're doing a lot of things wrong if that's whatcha got. Keep them iced or at least cool after catching,clean by removing all the dark meat next to the skin and if ya do that they'll freeze fine...oh,and use a sharp knife and you'll get some nice fillets. Not much rib meat but deep shoulders and flanks are nice .Taste-wise,I like 'em better'n crappie(talk about a fish that don't freeze well...mush);firmer and less bland than crappie.Fish from inland lakes are sweeter than OR or Erie fish.TC1
  8. One of my favorites to eat. Like others have said its important to clean them the right way, leave the dark meat on the skin. I think they are a lot better than crappie because the meat is nice and firm. Most people I know that have said they didnt like white bass had not cleaned them right and when they had some of what I cleaned liked them just fine.
  9. I think they cook up just fine. Not as good as walleye but better than cats.

    What do you mean by leave the dark meat on the skin? I don't cut out the dark meat but if I did, there wouldn't be a whole loft left.
  10. If you clean them right they are very good. But, for your money's worth, you should try them smoked. We fish for salmon and steelhead, and they are very good smoked, but they don't hold a candle to a smokie white bass. All of our friends beg for smoked whities when we do them up, which will be in 2 weekends:)
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    Now that I would like to try.;) I sounds like a lot of you guys don't mind them, so I might have to throw a couple in the cooler next time I'm on the lake.
  12. Along the freshwater fish scale, I prefer Yellow perch, Bluegill, crappie, white bass, in that order, with not much distance between them. Farther down the line are Black Bass, walleye and catfish. I find WB to be a tasty, firm and flaky fish that makes a good meal. The other three on the top of the list are also in the same class. Black bass can be ok if they are on the smaller side. If the texture of a fish is soft or mushy, I am not happy. That is what I feel about Walleye and catfish. These two species, along with smallmouth and largemouth, I put back to the water.
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    WOW,, you must be catching some large Walleye then! That is a problem I would like to have. I agree with you on the catfish, but walleye should never be like that or else the chunks are too big.
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    i will eat ALL panfish....not sure if WB's are actually panfish, but they taste fine to me and i'm not a big fish eater. perch, gills, WB, crappie, walleye in that order...i don't do catfish, but love to catch them...wifey loves cat...(really ALL fish). maybe some of you aren't preparing it right. i've never found it to be mushy...i HATE ALL bass to eat !!!! all released...and trout...YUCK !!!!!
  15. I guess, not really mushy, but I am VERY texture oriented. Aside from 1-1/2# and less walleye, the texture is not firm enough for me to enjoy.
    I do like to catch them, along with cats, LMB, SMB and carp, however, I prefer to release them.