Are these real?

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  1. My sister gave these to me back in 2005 for a Christmas present. It says "Christmas Collection 2005" Not being a fly fisherman I know NOTHING about these. Are these common flys or just a novelty(spelling) item? Thanks....Dan

  2. The names of the flies are real and are found out near Utah on the Green river region. I fished a bunch out west and folks love to take famous flies and putthere own twist on them and name them regionally, this is what has been done, those will all catch plenty of fish!!

  3. Thanks for the info. My sister lives in Utah so that explains the names. Loved the Desperate Housewife name,thats why I thought they may be novelty items. Thanks again.....Dan
  4. Clayton

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    Hey, if I had them, I'd fish them!

    I'm actually going to have to get a (third) fly box to contain the kit I just got from Orvis :) 20 best trout flies for 10 bucks. Can't beat that.