Are there any fish left??

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  1. I was just wondering if any one else was having some dry spells in the fish catching department.

    i have not been able to get out much and hit the water the past 3 weeks, but when I do it seems like I am not catching anything.

    I have hit all of my usual ponds where the bass and even cats are usually pretty active and for the most part have gone home without pulling out a single fish.

    Any one else having better luck, or maybe some tips on where/when/how to fish out the dry spell I seem to be having. I know its been pretty hot recently and could be slowing things down but its been decent the past week and I need to get over my fish withdraw.
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    i think thats just how it goes sometimes. one day i am hitting 7 or 8 in a couple hours, then the next day or two, in the same spot, with the same bait, nothin. it gets frustrating at times but hey, at least we are outdoors in the air and calmness of the flowing water and the beauty of nature.

    if we caught them every day, it would probably get old fast so i guess the thrill of that catch after a dry spell fixes everything. it will pass, soon hopefully. i hear ya about getting tired of catching nothing but leaves, twigs, etc. hah!

  3. Still not having any Small mouth luck, but I cant keep the Cats off my line. Picked up 7 or 8 last night. The biggest was around 7 pounds.

    I have been floating a worm or crawdad about 12-18 inches under a bobber. Cast it out into a fast moving current that leads to deeper water. At times I leave out so much line I can barely see my bobber. Repeat as needed. Usually I don't go more than a couple casts without a hit. Might be a 12 inch cat, might be a 12 pound cat.
  4. I've thought the same thing this year but with me I've tried alot different this year, plus I fish at inconsistent times I tried many lakes this year all in all I think I learned alot we will see if it pays off next year. Honestly though this year has a different "feel" to it could all be mental but apparently I'm not alone.
  5. i not have a good year either i lost my touch or i am going to the wrong lake at the wrong time to catch any fish two years ago i caught a lot of fish but not this year i am glad that other people has the same trouble.
  6. Try your usual ponds at night if you get the chance. Bass get kinda nocturnal this time of year. Try a dragging a weightless lizard on the surface if it's calm, a big colorado spinnerbait or a chatterbait if its windy. That's been working pretty good for me the last few weeks. Yanky makes a good point though, that's the yin and the yang for ya. It wouldn't be nearly as pleasurable if it was easy. Good luck.
  7. I can't agree more about the night bite! When things get tough this time of the year I too will hit it at night. I like using plastic frogs or black chatterbaits. Don't lose sight of the fact that there's usually about an hour of dead time right after the sun totally sets. This is when the bass' eyes adjust. After about 9:30, I usually don't start hitting them until about 10:30ish.

    If you are dead set on fishing during the day then I would use low diameter mono (6 lb test) or flourocarbon (8 lb). I like to use fireline with a line-to-line flourocarbon leader of 8-10 lb test. Try finessing smaller texas rigged plastics or even go weight-less. Be patient and fish them slow. My favorite is a baby brush hog texas rigged with a tiny bullet weight (not sure of the size, but it's the sallest tungsten weight that they make).
  8. lol, This must be like therapy to get all the bad stuff out. Once I put my bad luck on here yesterday I hit up my favorite pond today and for an hour went through everything in my tackle box and got nothing.

    Luckily I had some worms from about 2 weeks ago when I was on the maumee that I brought just for the hell of it. Turns out in about an hour with a bobber and worms got a bunch of cat fish, one that had a tumor or something on its head that line snapped on rocks while i went to grab it.

    I also found white perch at the place that I have never seen in my years of going to the same pond. They were the dinkiest of fish but it was cool to find out something new.

    The best part of the night was the fact that I got a carp hooked on my second last worm that was huge and although I tried to get a good fight and use my drag it still snapped my line after about 1 minute. Then with the last night crawler I finally after about 2 weeks hooked onto about a one pound bass at about 9:30