Are there any fish at Treasure Island by Arang's?

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  1. I haven't heard of anyone fishing by Arang's and wondered if it was allowed. Also wondering if anythings biting in the area above Troy dam by the trestle.
  2. some bluegills maybe .... I wouldn't waste too much time around treasure island park ... the river bottom there is not condusive to excellent fishing. though occasionally I do see some people tightlining in that general area.

    I've not had that much luck fishing the train bridge upstream from the dam. the old train bridge south of the dam is another story.

  3. Thank ya
    Eventually I'll learn the where's and the how's. I had trouble losing rig after rig at the dam Saturday but I may try again Monday
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    I got frustrated with the snags there too. Try husky jerks or other floating/diving type plugs, that will help minimize the snags.
  5. or use midoh's system and fish some live bait there.
  6. The big, slow water from Treasure Island to the dam is never productive for me. There is an occasional largemouth, a few bluegill and rock bass, and a slow cat bite at night... that's about it. Most of the time, I've been skunked. But you are allowed to waste time anywhere along that stretch :)