Are the Bill Cowher talks picking up some steam?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by RareVos, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. It would be nice to see his jaw stack out spitting at people again...Im a Bengals fan and it would be big problems for us(like we need anymore) but it would still be nice to see him prowling the sidelines again.

  2. SConner

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    Don't know if he is interested, but as a Browns fan I would love to see this! If I am not mistaken, they tried to get him when he went to Pittsburgh. Hope there is some truth to this.

    Go Browns!
  3. id love to see this, i heard the browns are offering 8-9 mil. is that even enough for him to come to the browns ?
  4. I would love to see this...the Squeeler fans would have a hay day with this. The Browns need to bring in someone who has been a successful coach in the NFL...not all these freaking coordinators who come from winning programs.

    Rumor has it...he bought a house in Strongsville. Anyone else heard this?
  5. ParmaBass

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    I've heard all the rumors, and can only HOPE that some are TRUE! He has emotion, he'll let you know when your ego needs checked and CHECK IT! And he's a winner! Only thing that worries me, not really but. Is that he seems to want full power. Will Randy Learner fire both Romeo and Savage to get Cower? I'll vote for it!
  6. I have heard rumors that they may want to get rid of Savage too. I have been pleased with what Savage has brought to Cleveland. I just think that the coaching staff isn't preparing that talent for the games. I too would vote to get rid of both Romeo and Savage and giving all power to Cowher. The man knows his football obviously.
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    The rumors that Cowher bought a house in strongsville are FALSE. Believe 50% of what you see and 1% of what you hear. As a die hard browns fan I would love to see Cowher in and Romeo and Savage out. Give Cowher all the power and control IMO!!!!!!!!!
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    I heard the following rumour from my brother in law who lives near Pittsburgh. He said that Cowher had contacted Dick Lebeau about coming to Cleveland with him. Wouldn't that be something! I researched this a little and found out that Lebeau is a graduate of Ohio State and was born in Ohio. This might happen. This unfortunately would sicken me since the Steelers are my team as some of you may know.
  9. It would be nice, but I'm not believing a thing until it actually happens. It seems like we talk about this or something similar to this every year.
  10. For the Brownies to get a Steelers has been would be a huge advance for the franchise. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.
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    my money is on philly.;)
  12. Scott Pioli for GM! Give him whatever money he wants and let him pick the coach or hire Mary Schottenheimer and let him work for Savage.

    Hiring Cowher and giving him dual roles will result in more failure. I don't think there has ever been a coach that was successful when given both roles. It's too much responsibility for one man to handle both jobs effectively. It didn't work for Parcells in Miami or Holmgren in Seattle, and they're two of the best. Just my opinion.

    Romeo and his cronies have got to go and they can take Braylon with 'em! Cannot catch and is afraid to get hit. Wants to be the big star, but is either unwilling or unable to fulfill the role.
  13. WINNER

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    I will quit watching pro football if cowher goes to (new)cleveland. He is a steeler and always will be, and I hate him.

    How could stains fans like him anyway after the way he beat ya'll around the woodshed for the last decade? Unfreakingbelievable!!!

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    You need to read up there Sparky before you go shootin' off at the keyboard...;) He was a Brown before he was a Squeeler.

    Cowher played three seasons (1980-82) in Cleveland

    Cowher began his coaching career in 1985 at age 28 under Marty Schottenheimer with the Cleveland Browns. He was the Browns' special teams coach in 1985-86 and secondary coach in 1987-88 before following Schottenheimer to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1989 as defensive coordinator.
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    I agree with BassCrazy. Keep Savage. A good coach could win with this talent(minus Braylon and Kellen). Bring in either Bill Cowher or Marty Shottenheimer as coach only and I would be happy.

    Savage does find a LOT of talent. Cribbs, Wright, Shaun Rogers, Thomas, Steinbeck, and Jureviscious(sucks he got hurt). He was wrong on Anderson and McDonald(guy SUCKS), but I think he is right more often than he is wrong.

    Crennel is the main problem with this team. His game management, his complete LACK of discipline and his game planning have all been clear failures to this point. He has had long enough to prove he could win as a head coach and it is time to cut the cord.
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    hey winner...buddy you've got me if you need to just talk..:p
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    In the county records there is a Bill Cowher who bought a house in Strongsville. Not saying it was him but it was in the plain dealer in the section where they list house sale section. Just my two cents.
  18. WINNER

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    Well he never should have went to pitt then...

    but it still doesn't change my opinion...he'll always be a steeler in my book(did the browns make the superbowl when he was with them?)...and I will always hate him.

  19. That's absurd. What talent? If you rid the team of Edwards and Winslow, who becomes your number 1 receiver? Jurevicius (who will retire at the end of 09 if not sooner)? Heiden (be real, he's a great posession guy, but a #1 TE? We tried that and lost plenty)? Cribbs (he's not a receiver)? Stallworth? Steptoe? Dinkins?

    Furthermore, let's face it, Jamal Lewis is nowhere near where he was last year. He doesn't churn out yards like he did in 07. That's fact.

    DA has proven he's an average quarterback and Brady isn't ready yet to be a real leader.

    So, with all that being said, and a defense ranked in the bottom half of nearly every category, where is this talent you're speaking of?