Are the any clothes made in America?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. With the talk of support American companies and stuff on here lately I got to looking at my clothes this morning as I was getting dressed, underwear made in the Dominican Republic, pants made in Guatemala, shirt Indonesia shoes Korea! I guess I have not been looking at the labels on my clothes very well:eek:
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    And everyone thought I was anti-american. It's really hard to buy everything American. I am willing to bet that it's impossible to buy everything 100% truelly American.

    Bill's kahki's are made in America. I heard it on ESPN radio. It must be true.

  3. I would guess that clothes and electronics are the hardest things to buy American.
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    Cars and gasoline too....
  5. Yeah, Dickies and Bugle Boy. But I'd rather buy imports than humiliate myself.
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    Dude, you make me laugh.
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    A little off topic here, but...........

    Harley Davidson was sued because they advertise their bikes as "made in America". Their bikes are less than 45% made in America. Now they dub them "union made".

    My Honda was made in Marysville, Ohio, and is labeled 52% american made.

    Look on a newer Harley, the shocks are made by Showa. Showa is owned by Honda. The carburetors say Made in Japan on them. I love it when a Harley owner calls my bike a rice burner.
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    True..... Honda USA, makes more AMERICAN made autos/bikes, but make sure it's HONDA USA, which is a diff company than HONDA, at least thats how it was explained to me by a HONDA USA VP from Marysville.

    HONDA USA was also one of the largest supporters of $ after the 9/11 attacks. I would not hesitate to buy a HONDA, however Shadows have horrible resale value, I am lucky to get $3500 out of 2003 Shadows, now a Harley, man I can move them like crazy! Yamahaa VStars are even worse as fatr as resell, nice looking bikes, but resell stinks. Sort of got off on a tanget, sorry. Point, HONDA USA, great products, crappy resell. Harley, great products, too bad I cant afford one!, so guess I'll stick to looking @ Honda's or Yammys! On 4/15/05 I'm about to see how Poalris Victories resell, dont know what to expect there., which bring me to another topic...... Polaris had to stop saying they were American made too. If anyone has a Polaris ATV, look at it, lots of Candian parts, no now they call themselves "North American" made.
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    JVolpe is probally better tsuited than I to talk about how much of a certain prouct is made in American, but didnt I hear Chevy opened a plant(s) in Mexico? I guess they are the "Heartbeat" of North American?

    I'm a Jeep guy, but I'm sure lots of parts on that is made out of the USA too.
  10. i think carheart work ware and red wing shoes are made in america. except the boots i bought the lady said they were american parts assembled in china or somethnig dumb like that. but i think most of there shoes are made in america.

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    Off on a tangeant again, but HONDA cars (not sure about the bikes) have great resale value. That was why I bought one. A civic compared to a cavalier with the same options and mileage brings about twice as much, or more.
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    Yes Honda cars, Camry, Civic, Cololla, etc.... have GREAT resell, the bike on the other hand, while still very very very nice, just have the resell.
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    Easy there bugtussel. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Just having a conversation. This is by no means a heated discussion.
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    Hmmm.. okay I guess that was a shot at me? Hell man fire away. :rolleyes: I'm a horrible typist. I'll send ya a PM so nothing will be uncivil. Crank,,, I'm lost we were having a battle or anything were we? interesting thread at least I thought.

    Bugg...I cent uye a PM so uye kan xplain what that ment.

    PS-By the way my 315 lb frame has quite a large mouth, I can fit alot in it. :p
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    bashNing?? :D

    looks like you forgot more than your place :p ;)
    how does that foot fit? :D
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    I take offense to that, my good friend Bryan can type and spell very well for a 3 year old. :D
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    In my humble opinion. I am an Idioit. Mr H20 I wasn't going for you. Only Making a statement that theses hard times, all must put the best foot forward.
    BTW, EX-factory worker here, sorry about the misdirection.
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    :confused: :confused:
    is that a real word or is it your other foot? ;) JK
    the devil made me do it :rolleyes: :)
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    No it was the short version of my handle, Too many letters and I might do another