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Are morals a thing of the past?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NickRummy, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. I don't have any kids of my own but I was raised in a family who enforced morals. There are just certain things you don't do and it's almost common sense.

    Today, a buddy from work and I went out to the local pond about 5 minutes away. He took his fly rod to use and after unpacking it left the casing sitting out by his tackle box. There was another guy there with 3-4 younger boys (around 6-9 or so i would so) and they were wondering around the pond. It was about time to start packing up so he was breaking down his rod. One of the boys was walking by us towards his dad. Instead of going around he walks between and stops about 12" away from the fly rod case laying on the ground. Looks down, gives it a swift kick to get it out of his way and keeps truckin. My buddy turned around so fast and yelled at the kid for it. Told him he should respect peoples stuff. The kids dad was maybe 30' away and did NOTHING. He knew what happened because his other boys were standing there watching and started talking to the boy when he got close to them about the situation.

    I just can't believe the kid got away with it. The father didn't say one word. I don't even want to think about what would have happened to me if I did something like that to someone elses stuff (or mine for that matter) in front of my Dad.

    Sorry, end rant.
  2. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    back when i was a kid,it would have been acceptable for your buddy to have given the kid a couple of whacks on his backside.then he would have gotten a couple from dad too!
    doesn't seem like timeouts have been too affective!

  3. seethe303

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    throughout history morals have been fairly fluid. I do think they still exist right now though.

    IMO what we need to see are better parenting skills; no more leaving it up to tv/school/video games to watch the children.
  4. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    They are a thing in the past for most. glad my parents raised me right.
  5. Agreed. If I did that as a kid I'd was gonna get a swat from someone. I just couldn't believe the child thought it was ok to do that and obviously the father could care less.
  6. Justin S

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    i would have said something to the father!
  7. liquidsoap

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    I got an even better one.
    Today me and my buddy went to the river.
    We were going for smallies but decided to try for some cats.
    I only had my ultra light so we used bobbers.
    We caught 5 nice channels and a pretty big large mouth.
    Well after we landed our last fish a married couple comes down with there kids they seen us catch a few and decided to come down.

    Well the first thing there kids do is, jump in the river right by where we were fishing. Shouting SHARK SHARK SHARK
    The parents are fishing too, and they dont even say a word.
    We did not catch anymore catfish after that happened.
    I was tempted to say anything, but the nice guy in me did not want too.
  8. Whew. I thought you were talking about the mushrooms. I love those things and thought they might be going extinct ;)

  9. ezbite

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  10. Unfortunately I don't think most parents today want to be bothered with taking the time to teach their kids anything. My child is just over a year, but he already understands the word "No" and understands certain things are off limits. It takes a lot of patience to teach children, and most parents we meet just don't have them. Sadly I think most parents are either to lazy to teach their children right from wrong, or just resort to screaming and yelling (often using profanity) at them. Timeouts can be effective, you just need to be creative. An example commonly used is to make a child stand in the corner, but that doesn't teach them anything. Now make them stand in the corner holding a large book in each hand with arms straight out at shoulder height.... They will soon get the idea, that when you do things you are not allowed to do, you will have to pay the consequences.
  11. Kids will always try to test the limits, its just a way to figure out what they can and can't get away with. When I was a kid I took my fair share of whoopins to the backside but once I got one for something I didn't do it again. I feared my mom way worse than my dad. She had a fly swater with a metal wire handle she kept under the kitchen sink. She didn't wait for dad to come home, she dealt out her own justice. I swear she had the quickest draw East of the Mississippi. One flick of the wrist and she would light ya up on the back of the legs. It got to the point, if we were acting up and you heard her open up the cabinet we were out of there in a flash.

    I think alot of parents don't set strict enough boundrys for their kids. Kids take alot from what they see their parents do every day also. If parents aren't setting a good example how can you expect your kid to. That crap "Do as I say, not as I do" doesn't work with impressionable kids. Had I done that as a kid I am sure my dad would of busted me good and then made me apologize.

  12. Most parents are afraid to disipline their kids the old fashoned way. With a good smack to the behind. They can be charged with child abuse. And the agency that enforces it will not believe their side. But believe the kids or the people that make the complaint. I say bring back corporal punishment. In the home, in the schools and out in public.
  13. my son is 5 and is a avid fisher and loves being outdoors, if my son did that he knows hed get into trouble with a good smack on da behind, bob why is totally right most parents fear the child abuse crap from other people that are around me personally i could care less what they think cause im not spanking my child so hard to bruise or hurt them, im only 29 but darn even my age group respects things and we got our butts whooped when we did something wrong and most of the time didnt do it again or well just didnt get caught LOL, kids today have no respect for anyone or anything and it all boils down to the fact that we as parents cant even discipline our kids for the fear of o there abusing our kids and the gov. wonders why teens and kids are outta control, hmmmmmmmm i wonder!

    Brandon aka bassattacker
  14. I like the "testing boundaries" statement.

    you're right. Kids try to test the boundaries. When I was a kid I'm sure I tested a few but after I figured out what I got my butt whooped for it really changed my limit testing. If I seen something I wanted to do but second guessed myself about getting whooped for it. I played it safe! Mainly because I had something to fear. It wasn't the type of fear kids have from people who abuse them. It was fear of being in trouble and being spanked. I never once had a bruise from being spanked but it definitely caused enough pain to enforce rules.

    Now kids have nothing to fear at all so they'll test every boundary they can and never even think of consequences. Of course they'll try this stuff when they know nothing will happen.

    I just can't believe it happened. Really makes you wonder how the publics overall morals will be in 20 years when these kids grow up.
  15. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    What do we expect from or youth? They play video games like Grand Theft auto that teaches them to shoot police officers and beat up hookers. And that is only 1 game out of thousands. For the last 20+ years the liberal media has shown our kids it is okay not to respect authority. One example, whether you like him or not, the media badmouths our president and they call him stupid and other names. And I am not talking just about the current one. Regardless of your opinion, what does that teach our kids. The President “regardless” of whom in is office is the most power person in the free world. When our kids see this, it’s no wonder they are so disrespectful to everyone. If the kids do not have to respect the most powerful man in the world, why should they respect anyone else? Ever watch MTV lately? What a joke. The good ole days are over friends and it is sad! Our juvenile justice system is in array. You are not even allowed to yell at the juveys. I was yelled at by the D.I. (I think that is why I’m partially deaf lol), and had to pay for my mistakes by way of pushups. I was treated way worse in boot camp and I didn’t even commit a crime. Try smacking your kids. Their school had them put Child Services number on speed dial on that cell phone we gave them. JMOI!:confused:
  16. I agree about bad mouthing the president. Kids see it as a big joke.

    However, video games and TV are something that parents can control. Right? You don't have to buy those games for your kids, or let them play those games at other peoples houses. I know you can't control EVERYTHING but you can definitely limit a lot of it.
  17. Toxic

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    Nickrummy, I agree 100%. I do not let my 11 yr old play those types of games.
  18. you guys are starting to sound like your parents. :D
  19. thats the other problem with this alot of todays parents are into the technology world instead of the outdoors sports and so on, so they do nothing to control limit or stop this as long as there children rnt bothering them which is alot of parents, my son doesnt play any games that rnt learning games and he gets very little time to do that between fishing, tball, bowling, soon to be starting soccer, swimming or just a day out doing something other than staying at home and doing nothing.

    i guess the question i have is how can teens test the boundaries if there rnt any boundaries to test, besides the law?
  20. Great point which is why the parents need to play a more active role in their lives. If the parents can't enforce proper boundaries then the law is going to be the next enforcer they will probably deal with. They will keep testing until they become major trouble.

    I recently met a kid (14) who has grown up playing video games without much public interaction at all. It's amazing how his mind works. Luckily he knows the difference between gaming and reality but his social skills are VERY lackluster. He's extremely shy, won't take it upon himself to go outside, has maybe one or two friends and he only rarely talks to them on the phone, is home schooled taking clases online. I wish I had more free time to really take him outside and enjoy what the world has to offer. I built him an RC car for christmas to try and get his interest in something physical and to get outside. It has definitely worked. I also took him out fishing on the boat for his first time a few weeks ago and he's asking when that will be happening again and I took him out camping in southern ohio. Luckily he has outstanding morals and is very very polite but it's because of his personality. Most other kids raised the way he was would be into a lot of trouble by now.

    To me, it's all about the amount of time the parents are willing to put into their kids' lives. Like Bassattacker said. Seems to me the way of parenting these days is to keep the kids quiet no matter what it takes to do it without involving themselves. Computer, video games, whatever.