Are hydrofoils worth buying?

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  1. I got an older (95 model) fiberglass bass boat that has a 90hp motor on it. The boat is little over 17' long. When I take off it takes a good bit off time to get up to plane, I have had other boats like this that got up a lot faster and (its not my driving.:D ) I was just wondering if anyone has went with a hydrofoil and if it helped enough to spend the extra $75 or so. Any suggestions would be appriciated, still trying to decide if I want to buy one.
  2. they definately make a difference, an SS prop can help to

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    Friends don't let friends buy hydrofoils.

    Look up Smart Tabs by Nauticus.
  4. Made a big difference in the hole shot on my Tri hull. Tabs would be another option that is more useful in other areas too
  5. Hyrofoild help some hulls/motor combos alot. Check your RPM at full throttle. You might be spinning too much prop for good holeshot.

  6. I've driven boats with and without and they do make a difference. 90 horses pushing 17ft fiberglass and gear and crew? I'd say yes on the hydrafoil. I'd also seriously look at a stainless steel prop to go with it.
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    can you lower the angle of the motor to the boat. closer to the boat will help you plane quicker. my boat porpoises and i use one for that reason.
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    When I was running my 19' glass fish/ski I had the same problem with planning. I did notice a huge difference when I purchased a happy Troller. In the open position it made an unbelievable difference.

    I believe a hydrofoil is the same principal as the Happy Troller in the open position and should help your cause.

  9. I have a 16 ft sea nymph w/ a 50 hp johnson and I put a hydeofoil and love it! I jump on plane like now! and it is alot more stable running on plane. I don't know if it is worth it for bigger engines but it sure helped me! I will say tho, that my engine is mounted on a Jack plate and I run a stainless steel prop and I am sure they help also.
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    i agree with KaGee.. trash the foil and get some tabs:p best $150.00 i spent last year.
  11. YES!!! I have the SE model on my 15' glass boat with a 90 and it really helps! It pops right up on plane and will stay on plane at a slower speed too! I'd say to definately get'll not regret it!
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    $75 sounds aweful high for a hydrofoil. I'm sure I only paid $35 for mine. It's for a 19' w/125o.b.

    It's a Tiger Shark, I'd give you the link, but I can't find it online. It looks very similar to the Stinray sold at Basspro.
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  14. Thanks everyone! Looks like I will be getting one, or maybe the Smart Tabs by Nauticus. By the way, I already have a SS prop on the boat!
  15. Started checking into the smart tabs. Wow, it looks like a good thing. I think I am going to try them this year.