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Are Browns Blowing It?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. I don;t know why they would let Kelly Holcomb go and then do after Trent Dilfer seems your trading one maybe for another... I'd rather have seen someone else then Dilfer.. he has a low QB rating, more INT's then TD's...
    Looks like they better find a running game ...
    I like adding cornerback Gary Baxter, a young, tall, physical corner who will replace and out play Anthony Henry.
    Also adding Joe Andruzzi who played both left and right guard for the Patriots, starting 50 consecutive regular season games. I think the left side of the line is pretty well set with Ross Verba expected to stay at left tackle and Andruzzi to play left guard...
    I still hate the QB situation for sure... Trent Dilfer gezzzzzzzzzzz :confused:
  2. If Dilfer starts that means they're throwing away this year for the rebuild.
    He has 1 year left on his contract. Seems like they could of gotten more out of Warren than Dilfer, seems they were trying to make a point.

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I think Savage is a genious...We wont be much next year, but in 3 years look out!..I was so glad to see Holcomb leave, I heard he broke his wrist sigining his new contract with the Bills!
  4. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I hope some how we can get akrons Charlie Fry in the Draft, he wants to be a Brown.
  5. CLappert

    CLappert Gander Mtn./OBFN

    I'll bet he still finished the game even if he did break it holcomb has been good for the browns I hate the thought of him leaving the team
  6. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    I hope so....

    Go Bengals! :) ;)
  7. Quote:
    Are the Browns Blowing it?

    I hope so....

    me too!

  8. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Over the past few years i"ve learned not to expect much. I doubt Dilfer will start and if he does it is a temporary thing. McCown has a lot of potential and I'd expect to see him in 2 years. As far as are they blowing it. NO. They didn't get it done in the past so change is definatly needed. It's great to see the changes happening.
  9. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    Talk about blowin it !!!!!!

    How bout dem stillirs!!!!!........... ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!!!
  10. Lewis


    I too would have liked to see Holcomb stay,but when you think about it he is just an often injured,carreer backup.
    I am not a Dilfer fan,but he does win.
    After his SB win with Baltimore,he signed with Seattle to back up Hasslebeck and made 4 starts winning them all.
    He has won 24 of his past 29 starts including postseason,and won 15 in a row from Nov 2000 to January 2002.
    He is a temporary measure only while the Browns rebuild again.... :confused:
  11. Being a diehard fan of football, I think that the Browns are finally on the right track. I think the upcoming draft, with Savage at the helm, will be the best yet for all you Brown's fans. Baxter was a QUALITY signing and I think that Andruzzi will be a good as well. Your QB spot is iffy but I think starting with a fresh face will only make your team better. Look what Rothlesberger did for the Steelers. :D :D :D

    I will say this, Charlie Frye would be a good QB for the Browns but I would not waste your only number one pick on him. Experts are now projecting him going in the first round after his Senior Bowl appearance along with his workout at the combine. If Savage can make a deal that swapped round one picks and some how got you another round one/early round two pick, then maybe if he's still available. However, your priority should still be addign depth to your O-Line and/or a LB/CB, in my humble opinion.

    Your team is well on their way.
  12. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    OH How I love the Dilfer signing. I think its great to see the Brown have a mediocre QB trying to lead them. Why do I lvoe this.......... becasue it means 2 easy wins for the BENGALS!

    Dilfer can win & be effective, but he has to ahve a quality team around him. In Seatle he had S.Alexander, a great line, good receiver, etc....... The Browns dont have this, however I do think that if Winslow is as good as he was built up to be, he'll have a great year w/ Dilfer throwing to him.
  13. I think the Dilfer signing is an indication that the Browns have received only luke warm interest in the #3 pick. There aren't that many teams interested in moving up for someone in this draft, which has great depth but few true superstars in it.

    I hope the Browns don't draft either of the West Coast QBs. I'd rather them get better at Ol/DL myself. I wouldn't even mind Ronnie Brown or Cedric Benson at number 3. William Green is not the answer and I don't see Suggs being healthy enough. Maybe they will get lucky and trade down, but I think Miami and SF are trying to trade down too.

  14. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Bryan, for the comment you just made you have doomed your team for next year..And I also refuse to put you on any flatheads this year, you bengal lover! :D

    The Browns had a bad qb last year, and you guys only beat us once.
  15. iwdavefish

    iwdavefish Fishin' Fanatic

    Two easy wins for the Bengals? Maybe all of next year. Won't be against the Browns. I'm not a big Dilfer fan. I think they were just looking for someone besides Holcomb. Anyone.
  16. hahahahaa... That was a good one bro!!
  17. IMO, I don't hink so. I had started putting together a big post on the Browns +/-in free agency, but for now it's a bit long for here.

    I hear people complain about Dilfer. I don't see it as a bad thing. It's most likely a good thing. Ive heard alot of wrangling in the media by kelly. First he says he wants to go, then he wants to stay. Next he wants to be annointed starter, next he's more than willing to compete for the job. The FO mentions bringing in another verteran and kelly bolts to Beefalo. So was it he wanted to compete so long as it's against a 2nd year 4th rd pick but not a veteran? Beyond that, lets face it, if kelly stuck around he'd only play a max of 4 games between injuries. Kripes, the guy could get injured running out of the tunnel. Secondly, while it seems kelly is the master of the pre-snap read, when a D can disguise it's coverages pre-snap, kelly never seemed to be able to adjust. IMO kelly was what he was; a journeyman backup. Dilfer is what??? A journeyman backup. Rumor has it we gave up the 4th rnd pick we got from Denver for pocket change. So if Dilfer can play more than 4 games he's got kelly beat and if he can make more than 2 big plays over the course of the season he's already contributed more the GW had in any one of his seasons in Cleveland. Plus, story has it, you will not find a beter man in the community than Dilfer. Guess that's the character thing Phil and Romeo keep talking about. Is he the long tern answer, no. Is he a stop gap while you get a yute ready? you bet. What better was available out there??? Certainly noone any less fragile than holcomb.

    So far we broke even on the starting(Backup) QB, we signed a guard and a CB. Oops, almost forgot the punter. What have we gotten in previous years in FA??? A guard (oley, false start Garmon and Trey Johnson that NEVER play a full season), Andruzzi is already looking golden. I look for Baas or one of the other OG's in the draft in Rnd #2

    A LB or two (infamous Rudd, Holmes for 1 year), notta here in FA, but Derrik Johnson in Rnd one wouldn't suprise me.

    A pair of OTs in Verba and Tucker. Nothing out there without selling the farm. Noone really worthy of the #3 in the draft. stick with what we got or another year.

    And lest we forget the princess himself, JG. I'd be right there pimping Charlie Fry, but I don't think it's gonna work out unless he falls to the 3rd or 4th. Add the safe, Dilfer as caretaker of the position until one of the yutes is ready to take the offensive raines.

    We lost Henry and his occasional lapses in concentration for another average NFL DB. I heal alot of people talk about AH's int total his rookie season. But without a good pass rush, he's never come close to putting up those kinds of numbers again. Plus Plexico Buress whas slapping the crap out of him last season just prior to running free downfield for easy TDs.

    Wow, much longer than I wanted, so I'll stop now. In the end, no I don't think we're blowing it. I think we're likely having out best offseason since the 99 rebirth.

  18. who knows about this year? but they cannt blow anything when they didnt have any thing!! i say give ole green a joint and send him packing he cannt run unless there is a huge hole and that wont happen enought to keep him around.. suggs may get hurt but he will aleast try to make a hole if one isnt there!! dilfer may not be the answer but he has the basics and thats more than i can say for what we had here in cleveland in some time.if they are gonna spend money they need to get some offensive line men that has alittle understanding of the aspects of blocking. aline backer wouldnt hurt either. give up cortny brown he will be out most of the year any way.
  19. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Browns just signed another offensive lineman, Cosey Coleman..I like the way Savage is addressing out weakest link.
  20. Maybe they are blowing it, but at least they're doing something.
    Face it, they're not going to win anything with Kelly Holcomb and he wanted too much money to be a backup.
    Trent Dilfer won't win them anthing either, but I like the direction they're taking.
    They look to be building an O line and they're not afraid to make a big splash with a free agent or two.