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AquaView Underwater camera

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Star1pup, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Okay, I got a gift certificate for Christmas and am thinking about adding to it and buying an AquaView camera. Anyone have any experience with these. I was told that a couple guys have used them on Atwood with some success. I would get the one with the multi-colored lights.

    Hope to head down to Cabela's in Wheeling next week and would like to know how they work before I shell out $300.
  2. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    I have the Aquavu MC2X and love using it. Last year at Presque Isle was a blast ! I've used it a couple more times so far this year and it's amazing what you can see in clear water. I very seldom use the lights, seems like the picture is clearer without them on. If the water is stained the cameras are almost useless. Bass Pro has the MC2X on sale now for $250. I have some pictures of my Aquavu at Presque Isle in my phot gallery if you would like to take a look. Have fun with your new purchase, to me it has paid for itself already...


  3. AquaVue picture.
    Go to top of page and click on New Posts. When open, click on Latest Photos and then click on AquaVue one to enlarge it. I put the pic in there to show anyone what it shows. I hope that it helps.
  4. Nice pix Wormdunker. I'm sold on getting one. I'll have to buy mine at Cabela's since that's where I have my gift certificate.

    Do you guys have the infra red or the multi-color models. Either way that pic that Wormdunker put up is worth buying one. Can't wait to lower it into Atwood and also the stripmine ponds on my property. I'll also do a survey for my sportsmen's club in that lake.
  5. Start1pup
    That is the black and white, poor mans model but it does have lights in camera that you can turn on if neeed. This picture was taken at Wellington Upground Reservoir. Glad I helped.
    Now I have to get back with a fellow that wanted to know about tip ups which I make my own next to nothing in cost.
    Enjoy your new toy but remember not to spend all your time looking into it, you are suppose to fish also. I did that the first time out. LOL
  6. I've just been over to the Aqua-Vu website and all of their new models have cameras painted to look like fish. Supposed to keep from scaring the fish, but don't they know that Leesville has muskies? :D Maybe it's their way of selling more cameras? ;)
  7. Star1pup
    Easy solution to that is to put hooks on the camera.
    Before I forget, you are only suspending the camera on its own cable. What I did was buy a spool of planner borad line and half hitched it all the way from the camera to the main unit abou 6" apart so as to give it extra support and also a little more strength to pull it out of the weeds or what ever else you get caught on, like a big MUSKY! LOL
  8. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Me and Bttmline were talking about these at Piedmont once.....we saying about the same thing, what if you get a hungry bass or saugeye/walleye or musky or flattie! I like the idea about the extra line......When I am finally able to buy an Aqua view, I will have to do that too!
  9. I'm still trying to decide if Atwood is clear enough for the Aqua-Vu to be effective. What do you guys think? One guy at the DOW said that Atwood was moderatly turbid so he was not sure how effective it would be. He seemed to think it was more of an ice fishing tool.