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aquatic entomology link

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by weaz43, May 3, 2005.

  1. any body have a good aquatic entomology site that has the real names of the bugs? i m taking a aquatic entomology course at stone lab this summer and need to refresh with the sciencitific names

  2. Might check out I belive is the site the young man is also I belive in the field you are doing Later Matt
  3. thanks, they will help
  4. I've have been making a collection of the Vermilion river insects. I've been keying them to the genus level (going to species is very picky and difficult). So far I've have found many different mayfly and caddis flies. Alot of stoneflies are in the river, but of the same genus. Alot of Dipterans (midges belong to) and beetles are in the river also, but I have not keyed any so far.

    When I have a long enough list, I will post it.

    I also went to the Clear Fork and found the same mayflies and caddis, but no stoneflies and found a few sowbugs.
  5. No stoneflies in Clear Fork? What part of it were you at?
  6. In the state park, downstream of the bridge, infront of the little island in the river. I was surprised not to find any stoneflies. I looked for about an hour. Stoneflies need a high amount of dissolved oxygen to survive, aquatic sowbugs can survive in lower levels of oxygen.

    I want to go back there again and see if I can find any.

    How has the fishing been there?
  7. from late May to early July
    Mayflys (Ephemeroptera)
    Ephemeridae Ephemera sp.; Oligonneuriidae Isonychia bicolor ; Ephemerellidae Eurylophella sp. ; Heptageniidae Stenonema spp. (march browns and 3 other species) Stenacron sp. (cahills i believe) and Baetidae Baetis sp. (Blue-wing olive)

    Stoneflys (Plecoptera)
    Perildae Beloneuria, Anacroneuria, others
    Caddis (Trichoptera)
    Hydropsychidae Hydropsyche spp. green with darker head
    Philopotamidae Chimarra sp. yellow with red/orange head

    Damsel (Odonata - Zygoptera)
    Coenagrionidae Argiua and Amphiagrion spp.
    Calopterygidae Calopteryx spp.
  8. Ahhh, there are stones in the Clear Fork. A friend and his son have collected many large stonefly nymphs 1-1.5" by kick seining (had a few for the youth fly fishing clinic that the Clear Fork TU hosts). You might try where pine run enters the clearfork.

    There is also a small black stone hatch there early spring.