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Aquariums and African cichlids for sale

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Fastlane, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

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    I know this is sort of off topic but I figured I'd post it anyway since I know many of the members on here keep aquariums too.

    Time to downsize. I just don't have the time to maintain all my tanks any more so these are up for sale.

    50 gallon flat back hex (same as 55 but the corners are angled) with matching real wood stand, top, single bulb 4' light, 2 whisper 3 power filters, 2 sponge filters, air pump, and sand substrate if you want it. It has some hard water creep around the top but will clean up nicely with some vinegar once emptied. $125

    65 gallon tank, glass canopies, 2 single bulb light strips, 2 fluval 303 canister filters with bio balls and media, black laquer finish stand, heater, and sand substrate if you want it. $150 Deal Pending

    Standard 20 gallon with light, top, and sponge filter, back painted blue. $25

    5 1/2 gallon tank with penguin mini, sand, 20 or so shells, top, light (Incandecent but has HO flourecent bulb), and a starter colony of breeding Neolamprologus multifasciatus 'Mbita' F1 believed to be 2 males and 4 females along with fry Instant BAP points. $25 Deal Pending

    10 gallon with Incandecent top running 2 HO flourecent bulbs Whisper power filter. $15

    10 gallon tank only $5 (I may have a few of these but I will have to check)

    5 1/2 gallon tank only $5

    Breeding trio of Copadichromis Borleyi Red Fin. Male is fully colored up and is beautiful. $12

    Pair of Maylandia Lambardoi Bright yellow male and nicely colored blue female. Have spawned for me several times. $8

    Pair of Electric Blue Iceberg (Sciaenochromis fryeri) Young breeders Male is striking to say the least $15

    Neolamprologus brichardi 'Daffodil II' F1 believed to be a trio with one fry. $15

    1 Julidochromis sp. Possibly transcriptus $3 Sold

    Trio of Exasperatus young breeders $8 Deal Pending

    1 male Labidochromis Hongi Beautiful fish. $5

    Breeding pair of Alunocara Red Top Lwanda $10 Sold

    4 young adult Pseudotropheus Daktari unsexed $10

    4 Alunocara Lemon Jake believed to be 1m 3f starting to color up $15

    6 Aulonocara Regal Red looks like possibly starting to color up 2m 4f $15 Deal Pending

    4 Aulonocara Kandeensis unsexed getting ready to color up $10

    3 Aulonocara sp. Ruby Red not yet colored up $10

    4 Ps. Acei white tail possibly 2 pair. Have spawned $15 Deal Pending

    3 Neolamprologus Red Fin Compressiceps unsexed $12

    3 Orange Lelupei very bright color $15

    2 Julidochromis Transcriptus “Kissi Bemba” F1 unsexed $8 Sold

    1 Elongatus “Blueberry” F1 adult possibly female $5

    3 Ps. Elongatus Albino breeders $20 Deal Pending

    3 Ps. Elongatus Albino sub adults (from above fish) $10

    Tropheops Tropheops “Red Cheek” fry albinos $1.50 ea and regulars $1 ea

    Adult male Tropheops Tropheops “Red Cheek” $8

    Serious offers considered. Fish need to go before tanks.

    Pm me on here or email me with the subject line GCAS at (Replace the AT with @) If you fail to use the GCAS subject line message may bounce back to you since I have a mail filter due to about 80 SPAM messages a day ARGH!
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  2. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

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    woow..awesome listings..

  3. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

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    I sure wish that I had the extra $$$ , I would take it all !
  4. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

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    Updated. Don't worry Ak, I still have a batch of Multifaciatus fry for you. Let me know when you want them.

    Also, to everyone else, trades considered for whatever?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

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    looks like fastlane knows his fish...holly cow!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

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    Awe Shucks KSU, your makin' me blush :eek: