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Aqua View

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ohioman76, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. ohioman76

    ohioman76 Avid Crappie Hunter

    I'm thinking of going to Gander Mountain to purchase a Aqua View underwater camera for the upcoming ice fishing season. Has anyone ever used one and can you tell me if they are any good. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Ohioman, do a search for Aquaview, you'll find all kinds of info.! Also look back in the Hardwater Forum!:)

  3. I was ice fishing 3 years ago on lake erie when I first seen a guy using one.I went and bought one soon after.I take mine every timeI go ice fishing,Mine is the aqua view Jr. black and white.I would suggest getting a more high quality one if possible with color and a cord reel. 50' ft. of cord is usually enough but if you fish deeper lakes keep that in mind. I like taking mine around boat docks alot in the spring just to look.You will learn alot more about fishing if you use one. Alot of muddy lakes have very clear water at the bottom . I saw a guy Ice fishing around a sunken tree for hours one day and could not catch any fish I dropped the aqua view down and there was at least 50 crappies around the tree.We started droppind are baits right on them actually touching them with it and they would just slowly turn away. If they dont want to eat there not going to. I hope this helps you out.
  4. oh yea....
    Go to the above link and they will send you a very informational brochure...
  5. ohioman76,
    Go to new pots and then go to Recent photo for a AquaVue picture. Hope that this helps you to deceide on one. I think they are great. Only one problem with them and I think that other owners of them will agre is that you get involved in watching it and forget to fish. LOL.
  6. That is posts, not pots, sorry.
  7. I Would Recommend One. They Are Very Good Depending On Water Clarity.i Got One For Lake Erie Walleye, It Was Awsome To See How They Hit Now I Use It Every Were I Go Ice Fishing. Just This Week At Mogadore Resivore Ice Fishing Icould See Schools Of Fish Swimming By But Very Little Action Every Time My Pinman Would Spin Aroundand Show Its Chrome Back The Fish Would Turn Away And Leave So I Pulled My Waxworm Up Over My Pinman So They Could Not See The Chrome. After That They Pounded It Before I Knew It I Had A Pile Of Gills When Nobody Else Were Cathing Them. Every Time I Use It Ilearn Something New And Thats Cool. Also If U Can Spend The Extra Money And Get The Better Model Like The Mc2 You Will Be Better Off. Good Luck And Dont Forget Too Fish After U Get One.
  8. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    the directional indicator is very useful if its in the budget.

    unless you will be downviewing with it. then you dont need it.
  10. I bought a Vexilar last year....I absolutely love it! I never go on the ice without it. Once you get the hang of reading it you can almost see the fish urinating...ha ha. I have also thought about getting an Aqua view but I keep thinking...."how much gear do I want to carry onto the ice?" My first interest in the Aquaview came when I heard TexasTransplant and BAPenn calling shot for shot in the shanty next to me at Presque Isle last year. "OK he's right in front of your bait.....wait....OK hes got it in his mouth...pull, pull...dang....missed'em." "WOW! Look at that bass...hey there's another one...theres 3 of'em." WOW MAN....this is better than PS2"!!! I was laughing my butt off listening to those two.
    I see that they now have a SCOUT model for 199.00....I have been thinking about it....but then I would need to get a bigger shanty....maybe some new carpet and curtains too...LOL. Good luck on your decision! I've heard good things about the Aquaview!

    Good luck and Good fishing!

  11. Just got the Mc2x this year and love it. It's really cool to see what fish are down there and exactly how they react to the bait. This year fishing for gills through the ice we have discovered that many times the fish grab the head of the jig and not the hook, making it impossible to catch them. Although it often aggravates you because you can see the fish come in, get centimeters from your bait, look at it for a while, then swim away. It's still a great investment and can't wait to use it on soft water.
  12. ohioman76

    ohioman76 Avid Crappie Hunter

    Alright everybody after days of thinking about it I finally had the nerves to go to Gander Mountain. They didn't have many to choose from so I just got the most expensive. I took the Aqua Vu ZT home and I'm just amazed by the clarity of the screen. I'm supposed to be heading to Milton to try it by the docks tomorrow. The forecast is calling for rain. My wife said if I don't take my son I can't go. I usually take my son every time I go fishing but he is sick and I don't want to drag him out. I don't want to stay home because I might be tempted to watch my browns get stomped again. Oh well If anyone has had any luck with the ZT let me know! Happy new year to everyone and may your year be filled with tight lines and stocked freezers. :D
  13. I watched the Angler's Edge show today....and the were using both the Vex and the AV. I guess there is no limit to the amount of gear that you take on the ice!

    Good Luck and Good Fishin'

  14. Ohioman, if you plan on using the camera a lot on the ice, I recommend getting the ice pod. It's only $15 and holds the camera level and pointing in the right direction. Have fun with the new toy :D