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aqua view ! are they worth the money?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saugeyesam, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. :confused:
    thinking about buying an aqua view and a vexilar unit just wondering are these things worth the money im gonna spend on them and can they be used for open water fishing as well? and do they increase catches or dont they factor in to the catching aspect!
  2. The vexilar is more than worth it. Read all the posts in here where vexilar is mentioned I have yet to see somebody say they are sorry they bought one.

    The aqua view will depend on the clarity of the water you fish. Of course the clearer lakes will really make this or any underwater camera shine. The good thing about the camera is it will teach you how the fish relate to your bait, structure, jigging style and just about everything.

    If I only had money for one though it would be for the vexilar. It will work in any kind of water.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I have both the aquavu and the vexilar. If I forget the vexilar at home, I will just not fish that day, if I forget the aquavu, I would be sad but would still fish.

    The Aquavu is a teaching tool, but the Vex catches the fish. Both are worth the money. I could have never learned as much without the aquavu, but the vex truly does catch the fish for me.

  4. The Vex is a must have. I feel lost without it. Aqua-views are fun, but teh Vex really improves your fishing.
  5. If I Wanted To Look At Some Fish Posted In A Bay ,what Camera Would Work Best? Last Year I Put Big Fish (three Ft.+)on The Graph In Berlin Posted In A Couple Of The Bays. They Were Down 25 Ft. I Would Like To Learn Fish Migration More Than Catching Them. Time And Place For That! :d Will The Aqua Work When Fish Are On The Move? Thanks :) Jig
  6. I got so many bad reviews about using one in Atwood Lake that I decided not to buy one. Maybe if I get a chance to take someone else with a camera out onto the lake and see how theirs works I might change my mind. Most of the guys I talked with seemed to like them best for ice fishing.

    After 35 years in TV and video production, cameras are not new to me, but I like to hear what others have to say. Heck when I started as a TV news photographer we were shooting film!
  7. sometimes the aqua view will actually make you mad because you can see fish all around your bait but no matter what you use they still dont bite.all in all a good gadget but not a needed fishing tool .
  8. Jig,

    We can go try out my cam at West Branch if you want to see how good they work. It all depends on how clear the water is. Definately a neat tool to have for doing research and finding structure.

    They work really well on Erie and where the water is clear. Depending on the clarity they work at Portage and sometimes the other inland lakes.
  9. Its tough to compare apples and oranges. I fished with the Aqua-Vu (the correct spelling) all of last season for the first time and was very happy with results. Ive had a flasher the Lowrance for about seven years now. The flashers show your bait the bottom and the fish a glorified depth finder it dosent show what kind of fish is down
    there or what specific structure you are fishing on. The aqua-vu does show you exactly what type of bottom, structure and most important the type of fish you wish to target.
    You can troll with the aqua-vu it comes with ballast wieghts and a fin to point it in the direction you are trolling, but trolling can be tricky espescially when you have alot of debris sticking up from the bottom trees sunken boats etc. IT WILL SNAG so leave plenty of extra cable out just incase you can't lift it up in time. Purchasing something from peoples opinions is tough everybody has one and usually they conflict. The flasher would be the best bet first because usually depths very important when locating fish and water clarity will never be an issue. But you just can't beat the cameras for knowledge like they say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you can actually see the way fish are reacting to the way you are fishing, you can't put a price on that kind of knowledge.
    Regardless of what unit you decide to buy both are fantastic tools and will improve the amount of fish you catch. TIGHT LINES & AND SCREAMIN REELS TO ALL THE ICE WILL BE HERE SOON!!!
  10. I would use mine mainly on Atwood Lake and I was told that the DOW considers this a "moderately turbid" lake. According to Aqua-Vu the camera will see twice as far as the human eye. I'm not sure how all of this translates to how it would work on Atwood. I sure would like to see how one works on Atwood before shelling out $300.

    Hey Jig, why don't you buy one and you, Carl, Bean & I can go for a boat ride on Atwood this summer? I'll even let you bring along your fishing rods. :D

    Okay, we can go fishing even if you don't get the camera. ;)
  11. I thought I saw one of the new Aqua-Vu's showing depth and temperature on the screen.

    By the way, one of the more advanced things you can do is hook your Aqua-Vu up to a digital camcorder and then record what you are seeing. You could also combine this with GPS results manually.
  12. TxTransplant

    TxTransplant Fishin Fool!

    My aqua view shows depth, temp and the direction the camera is facing.

  13. TX, Have you ever tried to send the video to a camcorder? Just wondereing if the depth, temp and direction come out on the video.....