April 19th Tourny reminder

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  1. Just want to remind those that are intersted, that the Cincinnati River Cats will be holding a tournament on April 19th at the New Richmond Boat Ramp.$100.00 per boat, 2 poles a person, 4 if you fish by yourself and have the proper licsence. Tournament starts at 8am and weigh in will be at 4 pm.
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    Congrats to OGF's Doc and partner (not sure if it was Lynn or Larry) on the tourney win.

    Good going.

  3. Doctor

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    Thanks Mellon,

    It was Larry, Josh and Doc on the water at this tournament, only 4 boats showed up so we threw 40 bucks each boat in the pot winner take all. Had to be the toughest day of fishing we have ever had, we launched and went to the tubes in 10 minutes Josh was cranking in this 12 pound Channel Cat.


    So we figured we were going to lay them out, Boy that didn't even happen, another 1/2 hour went by and no bites so we pulled up went across river to a creek mouth and Larry landed an 11.1# Channel and that was going to be our last fish of the day, and only an hour and a half into the tournament. We started moving and moving all over the place trying to find an active fish, we had a three fish limit, two times Larry had a rod go down, drag screaming and the fish pitched the bait, looked like they were grabbing it and not taking it fully in there mouth, I had a rod do the same thing, mine was on a huge Sumo Shad head, fish actually ripped the head from the hook. We won the tournament with two fish total 23.4# second was 21.0# and third 19.9# so the bite was very tough for all, but the main thing is three generations of Lange's spent a great day on the water, I enjoyed watching Josh crank in that big Channel, he is getting very good at catching them hogs, plus he really enjoyed Papaw getting the ole :S and telling me how good he was.:D:D

    Next week Larry and Josh are fishing the Ohio Hills tournament in Point Pleasant WV, Lynn and I are headed to Henderson Ky to fish the Cabala's tournament...................Doc
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    Glad to see Josh fishing Pt Pleasant, as it will give Andrew someone to talk to at the weigh in. (Jenny, Drew and I are fishing it.)

    Mark and I werent too far off from you guys. We ended up w/ the two channels and one more decent hit, but thats about it,. with the exception of the tap, tap, taps.