Applying J B Weld

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  1. I will be applying JB Weld to a small leak on an aluminum boat. (I think the problem is a loose rivet) According to the instructions on the package, I am supposed clean the surface where I will apply the JB Weld. The package states that the surface should be sanded down or grinded/filed. I don't wanna do that to my boat!! Has this product worked for others w/o sanding and filing? Will simply cleaning the surface work? If so, what's the preferred cleaning solution?
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    I've never sanded or grinded and it's worked for me, and it's still working. Just clean it and you should be fine.

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    i would ruff up the area with sand paper first to give the jb something to stick to.
  4. what grade paper? And Parma, what did you clean the surface with? (Nice to hear it's still working!!)
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    Wash the area with straight white vinegar after light sanding and water rinse, that will help improve your bond to the aluminum.
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    I just sprayed a little brake cleaner on a rag or like Kagee said white vinegar will do the trick. The bottom of my boat was already roughed up a bit, hence the JB weld!
  7. JB Weld is the SH!TS!!! Somehow a hole got put in the oil pan on my wife Chrysler. Everyone I called wanted over $500.00 to put on a new oil pan. A buddy said to try JB Weld and to tell you, that stuff will hold ! The oil pan is made from aluminum and all I did was scuff it with coarse sandpaper. The JB Weld is still holding like a champ 3 years and 40,000+ miles later in snow, rain, and road kills. I even used it to hold the nut on one of my buddies reals that was stripped out! Everyone should have a tube of JB weld in there tool box! LOL
  8. Am on my 4th set of tubes for the aluminum starcraft.
    Mix thoroughly. No problems, works great.
    If the rivet hole is too big, use a sheet metal screw first.
  9. I needed to fix an aluminium framed access door on my camper. Went to the local True Value hardware store and found the new JB weld . Its a moldable stick with the feel of playdough. Set up in about 10 minutes hard as a rock ... Buddy of mine said he used it underwater ... I got a tube of it in my tool bag right now GREAT STUFF
  10. OK...originally I bought the single tube (play-dough) type, but then I was told to get the package consisting of two tubes, one black, one red. You're supposed to mix the two, and apply, it takes several hours to cure, whereas the single tube takes minutes.

    Any preference for either?
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    I always buy the single tube, vey simple to use and is ready to go in minutes, why wait when you don't have to? Especially when/if your on the water and need a quick patch!
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    I have used the original JB on aluminum with very good results. I cleaned the oxides off the aluminum first with a scotch-brite pad and naval jelly (phosphoric and sulfuric acid) to promote adhesion. Also repaired a cracked carburator and numerous steel tanks with the stuff.
  13. I never seen the single tube of it before. I'll have to look for it. I used the mix kind and yes you have to wait till it sets up. Especially if you're trying to apply it upside down like on the oil pan.