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  1. anyone here live at Apple Valley and fish it regularly.I bought some property there May of last year and have fished it about 6 times this year.It is exceptionally hard to learn, for me anyways.It's deep and really should have some hogs in there.I went today and after 6 hours of catching over 20 ,4 inch perch finally called it a day.Any suggestions or tips would greatly be appreciated.I,ve tried anchoring ,drifting,trolling,everything short of dynamite to little sucess.Back in April I did catch some nice 12 inch crappies and 1 12 inch perch,all released but thats been it.
  2. I live in Apple valley. did you just buy a lot or did you buy a house? I was fishing tonight, Wed. 11, I only caught a smallmouth but it was worth the one fish. I know a little about it. but not much.

  3. What are you looking to catch? I live in AV and can help.
  4. I haven't been there in about 3 weeks but we had been catching nice numbers and size of crappies. I suspect that they have moved off into deep weeds by now. If I were going to target the crappies now (which I am still hoping to do in the next few days) I would try casting jigs to the front edge of some of the docks in the deep water areas just to see if they are still up in there. The last time we were there we hit a few real nice ones on the east side docks just south of King Beach. You can work down along the docks and even test the shallow shoreline. If that doesn't produce I would back off and try some deep water jigging. There is a deep water rock pile in about 18' that is just a bit more than a casing distance from the first few docks there south of King Beach. I have done well there over the years when they go deep. My next move would be to head north and work the deep creek channel just north of the power lines. You will almost always find fish in there. Whether they are keepers is the only question. The creek channel is a little more to the west of center up through there and at a few areas it goes even further to the west edge. Watch your electronics and you will see an abrupt 3-5' depth change in a lot of the channel. As I said there are almost always fish in that deep channel.

    As far as bass fishing I will defer that answer to someone who has done more of it than me. Many years ago I did more than now. I have not worked on them much but my boys are starting to get the itch and the patience to target them more so I am hoping to do more of that the rest of the summer.

    I have not been there to know for sure but the time seems about right to target some monster redears. When they are active 9-10" fish are very common. I like to make at least a couple of trips a year to get some of them.

    Good luck to you and be sure to let us know how you do.
  5. There was one person I thought of at least for bass help.;)
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    Texas Rigs around the bank has never failed me.
  7. yes, fake worms are good there...
    i've only been a couple times but we got a HUGE largemouth on a fake worm & we caught it back in the shallower part of the lake (right off the dock)...when i say huge, it was like 6lbs, so pretty big.
  8. thanks for all the help guys,I have jogged it all away for my next trip.I am not into bass fishing anymore.My aim is more for eyes,perch and some of those monsterous sunfish.Guess I will keep bobbing along and trying.
  9. I don't know any good word on the walleye fishing this year. I haven't caught any yet this year and I don't believe I caught more than a couple last year. I was just talking the other day with someone who fishes there regularly and he said he had not caught any yet this year. I don't know what their latest stocking numbers have been. I am wondering if perhaps they have not stocked many in recent years. But as you mentioned you enjoy the panfishing as well so I don't think that will disappoint you. The crappie have been nice size for the last couple or three years. I have had no problem bringing home a batch of 10+" fish on each trip so far this year. Obviously the summer can make that a bit tougher but the slabs are still there. Our best so far this year has been around 13" but the guy I was talking to said his son caught a 16" one a couple of weeks ago. Most years we manage to find at least one or two that go 14" or better.

    If you see a guy in a drab green 16' sea nymph with a couple or 3 kids in that may very well be me. If so stop by and say hello. I am hoping to get back to making a trip or two a week sometime soon. This late in the summer I normally stay away from the midday circus on the weekend. I like to go in the evening and get in the last hour or two of daylight and then do some night fishing.
  10. For Panfish try the outside weed edges near deeper water for the bigger ones now. If your catching all small fish try a 1/8 jig and target the keepers.
  11. Are the bull redears spawning right now by chance?
  12. I am already impressed with size of the crappies I caught earlier there and that one large perch got my blood pumped.I was also talking to a shore fisherman earlier this year,bout early april when launching,and he said they have switched to saugeye stocking instead of walleye the past 4 years or so and he personally caught a 5 lber up by the docks at the marina in late March.I am going to attend the meeting when the OSU fish biologist Bill Lynch,comes to speak about the lakes conditions.He was to come last month but cancelled. Figure I might learn something there.
  13. When is that meeting? I have been saying for years that I would attend one but have never made it. That would be a good one to attend.

    I know that in the past they had gone back and forth between walleye and saugeye but I had not heard the recent stocking data. If they are indeed stocking the saugeye again then I think the bass fishing tactics may be more effective for them. A few years back we were able to get a few walleye with trolling in somewhat deeper water but I wouldn't think that program would be the best choice for saugeyes. I may have to try night trolling some real shallow areas here soon to see if that may be the ticket. ;)
  14. it is during the fish club meeting.I don't know when the next meeting is,if it's a monthly thing or not.The June edition of cider press said he is to talk about the fall shocking results and the state of the lake.I'll make a few phone calls and see if I can get the scoop of it.I also talked to Misfit and he's game for coming up to fish with me.Hopefully we don't add a chapter to the misadventures if Misfit,lol.
  15. I believe the meeting is the same Monday night of each month but I am not sure which one it is. It should be in the Cider Press calendar that they put in the back.
  16. I'll look again but none was shown for june
  17. all it shows was a polluck on the 9th which was the second monday of June maybe the second monday of July?
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    troll about 30 yds from the beach with bottom bouncers and harnesses for eyes walleye and saugeye fish come when you troll up dropoffs in front of points also they have a website that shows what they stock and they stock both walleye and saugeye now i also have casted jigs near the powerlines for walleye and weightforward spinners catch alot of dinks but some good size
  19. Do you happen to know what the website is? I looked on their site and it does not appear to have it.

    I looked at the calendar on the website above and they only list the June 9 Potluck Dinner. I think it is consistently the second Monday of the month so I would suspect the next one is scheduled for July 14. The calendar usually doesn't show what the meeting will be about but sometimes they mention it within the Cider Press somewhere.